Past present

This new summer house encapsulates an emerging regional vernacular the traditional architecture has been stripped back to its simplest form Read more

New generation

With its sleek aesthetics and numerous sustainable design features, this house from NZ Built highlights the home of the future Read more

New generation

European appliance line-up complements contemporary kitchen design Read more

New generation

Sleek lacquered cabinetry defines this contemporary kitchen by Breeze Furniture Read more

At one with the scenery

This house benefits from the aesthetics, high-tech functionality, and sheer convenience of sliding doors from Able Aluminium Read more

Design with spine

A stone wall runs through the centre of this seaside home, which is designed to have the maximum possible floor area, despite a small site Read more

New generation

Sustainable design determined every aspect of this house by NZ Built Read more

Looking to the future

Suburban life takes on a whole new connotation in this clean-lined residence that favours transparency over curtaining and closed-in walls Read more

Easy, breezy living

This contemporary home in Singapore is centred around a pool patio, producing a relaxed outdoor feeling, even when inside Read more

Surf's up

This house links to its beach community, due to an open layout and a nautical theme Read more

City lights

This apartment's interior presents an extension of the urban sophistication beyond the windows Read more

Demand on tap

This apartment's energy-efficient plumbing was installed by a registered master tradesperson whose own energies are always in demand Read more





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