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Ceilings, interior wall systems, thermal and acoustic insulation and passive fire protection.

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The latest from Trends

Charging ahead
Car port meets eCar charging bay in this savvy design – now you can hide your car from the sun while still being powered by it.
Open to the future
The signature open glass store that signifies Apple is in town now features in Bangkok. And it's equally dramatic on the inside.
Qatar stadium – gold class
Lusail Stadium, designed by Foster + Partners and finished in gold cladding, is now almost ready for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 
Out of the past
10,000kms travelled and 2,300 years old – surely an air points bonanza? Check out the Terracotta Warriors' arrival at the Warren and Mahoney-designed Te Papa enclosure. 


Technology savvy in the workplace

Technology is now integral to our daily lives. Here's a guide to making sense of a tech-meets-work world.

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At one with the scenery

Ever feel your knowledge of nature is shaped by the odd David Attenborough video? This dome eco-escape lets you embrace things on a far more personal level.

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Well, it looks simple

Complex engineering underpins the award-winning Perry Bridge, created specifically for pedestrians and cyclists.

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New Sydney Fish Market to transform Blackwattle Bay

Out of the ordinary would be one understated way to describe the just-released concept for Sydney's new fish market.

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Green is the new vertical

Green walls and roofs result in fresher air, happier and healthier staff, and can reflect a company's green philosophy says Natural Habitats CEO, Graham Cleary

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Waving not drowning

Our planet’s limited energy resources are shrinking fast and architecture is one way of turning back the tide – as with this sea-powered hotel.

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Plastic is not convenient

Out of the factory, into the shop, into your hand, into the bin, and then into the sea. Here's one way to cut  use of single-use plastics.

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RIBA-winner Bloomberg

Winner of this year's RIBA National Award, Foster + Partners' new Bloomberg HQ is a sight to behold.

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Latest commercial design videos

Tunnel of light
MAD Architects add enthralling artistic spaces to the historic, 750m-long Kiyotsu Gorge lookout tunnel in Japan’s Niigata prefecture.
How Africa is Becoming China's China

As China's economy at home starts to slow, Africa is fast becoming a source of new opportunity for the burgeoning super power

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The Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid 

If it's ever constructed, the Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid in Tokyo Bay will stand over 2,000 metres tall and contain enough living space to house 750,000.

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