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Your home is a reflection of who you are. But building a new house on your property is a major project. Don’t worry – we’ve got all the ideas and advice you to help with your plans

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Aalto specialise in the creation and production of multi-pigmented colours using only the highest grade paint and tinters to satisfy the needs of interior designers, architects and individuals with a discerning eye for colour.

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New in home design

To re-roof or not to re-roof?
When making the choice between repairing or re-roofing it can at first, be a confusing choice - particularly when at face value a repair may seem cheaper. But long term, more often than not, this isn’...
Ideal cladding for a multi-level home
This low-upkeep, two-storey family residence is ideal for modern living. The enduring design features easy-to-install, lightweight Envira Weatherboard System cladding.
Create your dream outdoor kitchen this summer

While a total reno might not be achievable before Christmas, you could be entertaining in no time if you consider putting in an outdoor kitchen from scratch with a full accessorised BBQ.

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Keeping your summer cool

The temperature's rising. So before all the fans get sold out this summer, let's get your home cooling ready.

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Everything you need to know about ...

Never get cold feet again

Polished concrete is all the rage – when paired with inslab heating your flooring will be functional and cost-effective!

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Roofing materials and what to look out for

There are a number of different roofing materials available these days, some of which are more appropriate for particular environments and roof styles. Choose something that works well in your area, on your house, and with your project style.

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7 signs it’s time to replace your heat pump

There’s no denying that having a heat pump makes life so much more comfortable whether you’re battling the chill of winter or the heat of summer. Having a reliable unit in your home can ensure that you’re comfortable and dry throughout the year.

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Is artificial grass a good substitute for real grass?

In this article, you'll see different landscapes which incorporate artificial grass and a discussion of the benefits

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Trending now

A match made in heaven – mixed cladding brings enhanced aesthetic
Envira weatherboards are specifically designed for beautiful, contrasting effect
Why more Kiwis are choosing Swim Spas over conventional pools
Swim Spas boast many advantages over their traditional counterparts – from reduced running costs to year-round use. It's clear to see why New Zealanders are choosing to soak in the superior Swim Spa

Inspiring ideas

Make your home healthier with roof space ventilation

What exactly is roof space ventilation, and what does it mean for your home? Find out about the importance of roof space ventilation and the difference between in-house and roof space ventilation

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X marks the spot

Switch your lights from dingy to different. The X-Sign and X-Sign F4 are innovative, adaptable and easy to install

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Ideal home design for families and entertaining

This H-shaped home by GJ Gardner delivers on style, affordability and all-year-round enjoyment

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More than just a home builder

Owning a home is a big responsibility and comes with challenges. Not sure how to tackle that reno? Or have a roof you can't stop leaking? One company has your bases covered.

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New Home

Fowler Homes
Since the early 1980's Fowler Homes has successfully been designing and building homes for New Zealanders

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