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In the most basic sense, your home is a reflection of who you are. Here's all the inspiration, ideas and information you need to get started.

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Breathe life into your new home or renovation with colour – See the Resene range today

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New in home design

Roofing trends to enhance your home

Today's roofing design is a balance between energy efficiency, eco-friendliness and aesthetics. Here's our guide to the latest roofing trends that will keep you covered for years to come.

The battle of the sexes has a winner

A husband and wife faced off, styling two showhomes in opposing styles.The public has voted and we've got the results…

Take the test – Is your Asthma under control?

We may not be able to cure it, but we can certainly try to do our part by ensuring Kiwi homes retain as little moisture as possible – Warmup’s radiant underfloor heating solution does just that.

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More than just a home builder

Owning a home is a big responsibility and comes with its challenges. Not sure how to tackle that reno? Or a roof you can't stop leaking? One company has your bases covered.

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Everything you need to know about ...

Trends International Design Awards – New Zealand Bathrooms 2018

See all winners and highly commended

How to create the ultimate outdoor room

 The latest on outdoor living heating, lighting and sound technology from James Adair of Johnson and Couzins 

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How to reap rewards from your under-utilised section

If you own a house and section, home expert GJ Gardner offers some valuable advice on how to unlock your site’s potential

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Beginner's guide to home design

So you want to transform your old bungalow into something more contemporary? Great! But how do you get started?

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Considered choices

A dramatic red front door and black garage are just two of the many considered paint choices in this new home

We all need to vent

While it may seem a little strange, you don't actually want an air-tight home. If the air can't get out, you're trapped inside with dampness and mould. Roof space ventilation is the answer.

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Pets and turf: All you need to know

Is your dog destroying your lawn? Put an end to endless lawn maintenance today with TigerTurf synthetic lawn

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Natural warmth

It’s a fact - timber is a natural insulator. By using Niagara’s 100% timber components, you can achieve a fully enclosed, weathertight finish.

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6 ways to save money on heating bills

Want to reduce your heating bill? The first step is to take a look at your energy usage and monitor your average daily, weekly and monthly consumption.

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Trends International Design Awards 2017

International Winners

The selection of the TIDA international winners was the culmination of a series of awards for kitchens, bathrooms and homes held across 2017.

Inspiring ideas

Feminine or Masculine? Take your pick!

With its latest pair of showhomes, GJ Gardner set out to do something a bit different. If you head down to Papamoa, you'll find two competing designs and an interesting competition.

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Woodland sanctuary

Situated on a wooded plateau overlooking a wetland and lake, this new home from Altus Architecture also features a shimmering, surreal out-building

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New Home

Fowler Homes

Since the early 1980's Fowler Homes has successfully been designing and building homes for New Zealanders

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