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Find ideas for your kitchen cabinets, your kitchen island and more, and turn them into a design that becomes the hub of your home

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New in Kitchen design

Want a  kitchen to really fall in love with?
We all have our vague ideas of what we want from a kitchen but a talented, award-winning designer like Kira Gray rallies these thoughts, shaping them into an aesthetically pleasing, highly ergonomic d...
4 ways your fridge can benefit from smart technology
Far from just a place to keep your veggies fresh, many modern fridges are now gadgets on the level of an iPhone or smart speaker. Here’s what’s new in the world of fridges.
Elegant yet functional storage solution

Impala Plastika cutlery drawer organisers are made from high-quality, enviromentally-compatible plastic. Multiple sizes, an easy-clean surface and dedicated inserts make this system a great way to organise your drawers and avoid countertop clutter.

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Designer Celia Visser takes out international award

Kiwi designer wows an international audience and wins the Kitchen, Bar and Bathroom category at the 2018 SBID awards.Congratulations!

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Everything you need to know about ...

6 design secrets for your next kitchen project
Kitchen designers who are good at what they do often have more than a few tips and tricks up their sleeves when it comes to design. Here are six design secrets for your next project
5 reasons to buy an induction cooktop
The minimalist kitchen in this new living pavilion by BE Architecture continue the home's exterior materials. 
The benefits of an overhead door lift

Running out of space in your kitchen? Here's one great way of improving cabinet capacity, keeping everything compact and elegant.

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Elegant and functional

This kitchen by designer Kira Gray has a serene aesthetic but there's a lot going on behind the scenes. Great design doesn't fall from the skies, if you want a beautiful yet hard-working kitchen talk to a professional.

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5 ways to modernise your kitchen for sale or rent

Your kitchen affects your home's value more than you may have thought. Fortunately, some minor changes can help modernise your kitchen and fetch a higher asking price.

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Why choose engineered stone?

Engineered stone is a composite material made of crushed stone – often marble – or quartz bound together by an adhesive. The result is an affordable highly durable surface.

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Inspiring Ideas

Put some flash back into your splashback
Splashbacks make all the difference to your kitchen, here are some ideas and inspiration to get you started
Style that endures, engineered to perform

Since 1984, the designers and engineers behind Kleenmaid appliances have set out to exceed expectations. Today, the Kleenmaid technical team uses their 35 years of experience to manufacture world-renowned appliances.

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The latest design trends from Milan

Celia Visser brings you a small taste of some of the design trends happening in the northern hemisphere – straight from the international kitchen fair, EuroCucina, held recently in Milan

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Beginner's guide to kitchen design
It’s often said the kitchen is the heart of the home – and we tend to agree. Take a look at our guide if you're about to start a project

Trending now

Style meets ergonomics – Salice from Fit offers a cabinetry hardware solution with a difference
Space is always at a premium in the kitchen – and so is a sense of style. The two come together neatly in the advanced Eclipse Pocket Door mechanisms by Salice.
How to pick the right small appliances for your kitchen

Forget the dishwasher, fridge and stove for a moment – let’s take a deep dive into the world of small kitchen appliances. Here’s how to pick the right ones for your kitchen.

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Choosing the right extractor fan

Starting a kitchen project? Make sure you consider the extractor

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Trends International Design Awards 2017

International winners
The selection of the TIDA international winners was the culmination of a series of awards for kitchens, bathrooms and homes held across 2017. In this final stage of judging, projects that had already ...

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