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Naturally complementary
Timber and neutral tones in the cabinetry and furniture in this new home complement the stone and white forms of the building.
Connecting with colour
This renovation of a 130-year-old cottage, celebrates that elegant era, but with a twist – painting the upper walls in Resene Bounty played a key role
4 tips to maximise space in a small apartment
Living in a smaller space shouldn't cramp your style. Here are 4 tips to help you make your apartment feel infinitely more spacious – and stylish
A healthy home from the ground up
Disano – HARO’s PVC-free design floor – is a great choice if you care about your family's health and the planet. A Disano floor meets all requirements for an ecologically sound, healthy living environ...
Love life? Love colour?
For this guest bathroom, designer Natalie Du Bois made the bold, effective choice to paint the walls, ceiling, doors and shutters all in Resene Clover – connecting with the bush tones outside the wind...
How to use mirrors to enlarge your space
Mirrors are something of a pocket knife when it comes to interior design – expanding a sense of space, adding natural or artificial light, heck, you can even check your reflection in them. This story ...
More than just a pretty face
A major renovation shouldn't just be about replacing a dated look with something attractively modern. It's also the time to put right all the layout and space planning wrongs of the original design – ...

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Surface attraction – the Dekton Stonika collection
Vibrant, realistic veined patterns and textures matched with the highest technological performance required in a hard-working kitchen, this is the hyper-realistic Dekton® Stonika range from Cosentino.
Hitachi Residential Air Conditioning
Extension Galaxy Satin
The luxurious feel and unique veining of Calacatta Renoir marble are skillfully reinterpreted in this glazed porcelain tile.


Improving the flow and updating interiors
Why choose tiles?
TV Presenter and Interior Designer Hamish Dodd discusses the design possibilities available from using tiles in your home.


Home Trends Vol. 35/4
Real estate agents often say the kitchen is one of the major factors that sways potential buyers of a home. But these days, it's just as likely that the home's bathrooms will also influence a sale. So...

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