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It’s easy to forget the importance of the bathroom, but it's where we start and finish the day. Here's all the inspiration, ideas and information you need to get started.

new in bathroom design

Green and gorgeous
Bathrooms are better all prim and white. Right? Wrong, as this colourful, elegant and yet down-to-earth bathroom reflects.
How long does a bathroom renovation take?
Just 1.48 minutes in this time-lapse video of a complete transformation – from ripping out existing walls to completion of a beautiful brand new master ensuite. Watch what's involved.
Beauty spot
There's no point pouring love and attention on your bathroom project only to sink it with an average vanity solution. RH Cabinetmakers creates bespoke, affordable vanity and storage solutions to make ...
6 top tips for planning a stress-free bathroom renovation
You’re ready to make your bathroom dream come to life but, to guarantee a stress-free build, the planning of your project needs to be as perfect as possible. These top tips are your guide to a hassle-...
Touch of splendour
Cultural vitality, luxury and ergonomics all go together in this lustrous master ensuite which appropriately struck gold as a recent Trends International Design Awards (TIDA) Bathrooms – Winner.


Clean, simple, stylish
Less elements used more thoughtfully can create a more appealing outcome as this bathroom with strong shapes and a limited colour/material palette reflects.
Private viewing
Having a bath tub sitting in front of a full height window doesn’t have to mean you’ll be over-exposed. Kaynemail mesh panels placed outside this ensuite bathroom allow occupants to enjoy harbour view...


Lap of luxury
Traditional or contemporary? It doesn't actually have to be one or the other as this award-winning bathroom design shows. The result is an attractive blended look that's both comfortable and eye-catch...
Making light of it
In this award-winning powder room, designer Natalie Du Bois introduced concealed lighting into the shower soap niche – turning a utilitarian element into a feature – as well as under-counter lighting ...

inspiring ideas

Long division
Clever design elements in this spacious ensuite ensure a clear division of space, plus privacy where it's needed
Tropical splendour
So how do you go about designing an out-lying pavilion when the environment is essentially one big wet room? This luxurious indoor-outdoor space offers an excellent response

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Home Trends Vol. 35/4
Real estate agents often say the kitchen is one of the major factors that sways potential buyers of a home. But these days, it's just as likely that the home's bathrooms will also influence a sale. So...


2019 TIDA New Zealand Powder Rooms winner – Detail by Davinia Sutton
2019 TIDA New Zealand Architect-designed Bathroom Suites winner – Wilson & Hill Architects
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