Commercial Design Trends Vol. 24/4

This edition of Commercial Design Trends celebrates knowledge with an array of educational and research facilities that would make even the most hardened truant want to pull chair to desk in the front row of class.

Shine on

Business meetings now spill out of the office into cafes, so maintaining a professional aesthetic in the hospitality sector can be important Read more

New kid on the block

The last piece of the World Square jigsaw, 52 Goulburn is in no way intimidated by its prominent neighbours. Rather, it uses a similar architectural language to forge its own identity Read more

Making history

One of the most significant construction projects in New Zealand's history the new Supreme Court is set to add a whole new dimension to our architectural heritage Read more

Pedestrian flow

Kumutoto Public Space Development has turned Wellington's once neglected wharf areas into thriving hubs of pedestrian activity Read more

Brilliance and shine

Membership to IES: The Lighting Society allows established and emerging lighting designers to gain insight, education and recognition in a specialised community Read more


A love of speed inspires a dynamic facade and creates a bold presence in a rapidly growing commercial precinct Read more

Read all about it

The meadow on the roof is probably the most readily apparent feature, but this new Seattle library is green to its very roots. It's also an educational tool for sustainable design initiatives Read more

Big wide world

Keeping students cool in the summer and warm in the winter is obviously a major concern at a university this work was undertaken by Hastie New Zealand Read more


New, lighter prestressed concrete products are allowing architects and engineers to specify longer spans and even add more floors to multi-level developments Read more

TOO cool FOR school

A high school shows how buildings can adapt to climate change, by using tried-and-true principles of passive design Read more

Open-door policies

Large-scale glazing and a minimalist aesthetic have been adopted in the design of these offices, in order to reflect the principles of the company that inhabits them Read more

That's entertainment

Forget the big glass box and ranks of cars at this showroom it's all about the experience, the atmosphere and the promise of a lifestyle Read more





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