Clean as a new pin

White cabinetry, benchtops, walls and floors give this kitchen a simple appearance and conceal a highly functional family hub Read more

Anyone for tennis?

Doubling the size of this kitchen and opening it up to provide a view of the tennis court and pool has created a welcoming space that is ideal for both family living and entertaining on a grand scale Read more

Uniform approach

With consistent design features and a fingerprint-proof stainless steel finish, appliances and sinks from Teka Australia add to the aesthetics of any kitchen Read more

Points of view

This pared-back kitchen's setting means it has to look good from several angles, including from an adjacent beachfront Read more

Open harmony

Designing a kitchen in a new home brings freedom of expression and a few constraints Read more

Behind every good kitchen

Three women designers ensure Kenwood Kitchens' projects combine glamour with high functionality Read more

Pride of place

This upmarket, contemporary kitchen combines a pared-back aesthetic with industrial-level functionality the gleaming appliances are from Kleenmaid Read more

Call of the outdoors

With its large sliding doors and cool breezeway, this new apartment provides alfresco dining in a loggia right alongside the kitchen Read more

Face of change

A streamlined layout, minimalist detailing, and a dramatic island facade combine to create a stand-out, contemporary kitchen Read more

Let there be light

With eco-friendly LED lighting you can create various moods or highlight particular features in the kitchen Read more

Discreet disposal

Whether it's for rubbish or recycling, the range of Hideaway Bins from Kitchen King ensures your kitchen always looks its best Read more

Designed for life

This project combines subtle tones with standout proportions the kitchen was conceived, built and installed by DesignLine Kitchens and Bathrooms Read more






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