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Things To Do In Malta During The Winter

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Maltese winter is unlike what you’d expect for the European climate, as this region enjoys fine Mediterranean weather on a year-round basis. Visitors here can also expect to enjoy very agreeable water temperatures, which make for the availability of a wide variety of activities to enjoy during the winter time. In fact, you’ll find that there is more to do in Malta during the winter than the summer, as there’s no sweltering heat to prevent you from enjoying certain areas of the Maltese landscape, and the countryside blossoms with vibrant indigenous flora during this season. Without further ado, here are some exciting activity suggestions for anyone planning a winter getaway to Malta.

- Day trip to Gozo: The smaller yet charming sister island of Malta, Gozo is but a few kilometres away and offers astoundingly beautiful scenery for all to enjoy, including culture, history and entertainment to enthral both young and old audiences. You’ll find several tour companies that offer guided and specialised tours on the vehicle of your choice, from Quad Bikes to 4x4 Jeeps and even powerboats.

- Visit Valletta: Valletta is the capital of Malta, and is abound with quaint little streets that are filled with historic significance. Valletta is a must-see for history and culture buffs, and is best described as an outdoor museum which perfectly introduces you to the city’s history through leisurely walks and the Valletta Living History show, which is usually a hit during the winter.

- Enjoy the daily tours: As mentioned, several tour companies offer day tours in Malta, and these usually occur during the mornings and afternoons, and are a great way to gain a unique understanding and perspective of Maltese history, culture and its iconic scenery. You can also try out the popular open-top bus tours, which give you a longer and more intensive tour of the island, as they take a North and South route, as well as a Gozo itinerary, with a complimentary cruise along the harbour thrown in for good measure.

- Mdina: Also known as the ‘silent city’, Mdina offers some really interesting scenery, with tours that allow you to enjoy the region’s famous trackless trains which take you on a half-hour tour around Mdina that includes taking in the famous streets of neighbouring Rabat, uninterrupted island views, and breath-taking scenery of the nearby countryside.

- Limestone Heritage Park and Gardens: Limestone is an integral part of Maltese history and the Limestone garden presents visitors with an esteemed visual exhibition that includes sprawling gardens, an animal park and awesome stone-sculpting activities that are suitable for the whole family.

- Great hotels: Malta is well-known for its warm hospitality, which is born out of its traditional Mediterranean culture, and property in Malta is indicative of this quality, as there are plenty of accommodation options to choose from for both first time and repeating visitors. There is the historic and iconic Phoenician hotel, which is a Maltese landmark in its own right, and a very popular option for tourists and locals alike, especially those who enjoy winter getaways in this great city. The Phoenician is one of the very best that Malta has to offer, and its well-appointed location gives you access to all the famous ruins and ancient temples for you to explore according to real estate agent Robert from Karkanja.

For a younger crowd that’s also looking to enjoy a good time and explore the region’s nightlife over a long stay, the Preluna in Silema is very vibey and hip, while the modern Sunflower Hotel in Qawra is also a really good option.


A simple stroll around Gozo will put you up for a wonderful surprise of really astounding views and sites that you will surely enjoy.

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