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Carpet, timber floors, tile or vinyl flooring – what's best for your home? Here, professional projects and insights help you picture what your options might look like in the real world


Polished approach
If your home has an existing concrete floor slab, why not expose, sand and polish it for a completely contemporary look?
Love wood floors? Why stop there?
This major renovation places a strong emphasis on natural materials and sustainability. The wrap-around wall and ceiling feature was made from recycled wood freed up by the refit.
Style & sustainability
A cast-in-situ concrete wall with all imperfections retained offers a rugged counterpart to polished concrete floors – which also acts as a heat sink, soaking up the day’s rays and releasing warmth ba...
Floors are often a tricky aspect of connecting existing homes and extensions?
Not at all, in fact they can provide a valuable ally. On this extension to a 1940s home, recycled boards for the extension match those in the existing home – flowing floors through the entire home are...
7 steps to selecting your new carpet
Carpet is an excellent choice for flooring in key areas of your home. But what do you need to know before you head off to a flooring retailer? Here’s a list of the most important things to help you fi...
Well grounded
In pursuit of views and effective demarcation of spaces, this home has a sculpturally organised interior – well grounded by clean, simple concrete floors.


Three reasons why underfloor heating is the best heating option for your bedroom
Choosing the right heating system for your home can make a world of a difference and is especially important in rooms meant to be a haven of comfort and relaxation, like bedrooms. However, size limita...
Don't be floored
About to decide on flooring for your new or renovation project? Don't just jump in without researching first. We're here to help.
5 innovative uses of flooring in kitchens
Clever use of flooring materials adds to the functionality of your kitchen. Here are 5 examples to prove the point.


Why Cork Flooring? | Candice Olson
Candice Olson from "Divine Design" explains why she loves cork flooring.
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