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Wool or synthetic? Concrete or tile? Learn how to choose the right flooring and find inspiring designs.

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Wood - Cork - Laminate

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Ideas and inspiration

New plank and tile range offers an advanced contaminant-free, easy to cut or shape base material

Waterproof, light, and highly stable, a new base product to New Zealand – Ceramin – underpins a variety of plank and tile options

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Entertainer kitchen's glamorous looks are achieved with hard-wearing surfaces

Porcelain panels with the look of marble and a laminate with the look of wood create an upmarket, natural aesthetic for this kitchen with large walk-in pantry 

Cork tiles soft to the touch and impervious to liquids

For a soft, warm, quiet and insulating flooring solution, natural, 100% sustainable cork tiles offer a winning solution

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Heaps of carpets to choose from

Heaps of options to choose from - made easyIt can be hard to find the exact shade or style you require - but we’ll make it easy.For a start, our mobile showrooms contain hundreds of over sized samples, so you can browse to your heart’s content. You can compare and discuss your ideas with our friendly consultants, and take as long as you like.A wide range of carpetsWe’ve got all the carpet types, colours, styles and textures you need in our mobile showroom that comes to you. See more

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Why Cork Flooring? | Candice Olson

Candice Olson from "Divine Design" explains why she loves cork flooring. 

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Wood - Cork - Laminates