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Ideas and inspiration

Nestled into a high cliff, this home seems to branch out over the ocean below

From the main bedroom you’re able to see the ocean extending out below 

Bedroom with view

Situated in a leafy neighbourhood below a substantial mountain, this home is in the perfect location to take advantage of the views See more

Master bedroom with European touch

Inspired by the owner’s travels throughout Europe and living abroad in Spain, the home reflects a global aesthetic See more

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Old charm

After turning hallways into bedrooms and a game room into a master suite, they added a full bedroom and a quarter of a bathroom, morphing less than 1200 to nearly 1800 square feet; all without losing the charm of the original – or affecting the character of the neighbourhood. 

In the wood

This pool house features a garden roof which echoes the surrounding canyon hills See more

Latest bedroom videos

Smart bed makes itself

The OHEA smart bed makes itself when you get up.