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Drapes, dressers, decor, beds – there's much to consider when putting together a bedroom or master suite. Here you'll find a window on a wide range of great design and product ideas

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Trends International Design Awards TIDA Homes

The Trends International Design Awards – TIDA –  searches for the best kitchens, bathrooms and homes across a number of the countries where Trends has a presence.

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Ideas and inspiration

Escape from reality: Luxury master suite
Hollywood-style suite by Elements ID Consultants
Getting lit
Well-planned lighting can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home. This makes it an effective element to switch out when renovating, so why not give it a try?
An experiment in open-plan living
“Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” by Studio Truly Truly stunned audiences with its elegance and ease
Sigh – do these work together?
If you're not an expert, interior design can be a minefield. Luckily, Trends delivers 1000s of professional design projects as inspiration. Here, an industry expert shares her thoughts.
Winter is coming
Why not start preparing your interiors for it? This bedroom features natural materials in a neutral palette to create a cozy, intimate space.
6 Simple ways to make your rental bedroom more cozy
Dakota Murphey runs through a few of the ways to put your personal stamp on your rental home – without risking the security deposit

Featured Image Collections

Bedroom with view

Situated in a leafy neighbourhood below a substantial mountain, this home is in the perfect location to take advantage of the views

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Old charm

After turning hallways into bedrooms and a game room into a master suite, they added a full bedroom and a quarter of a bathroom, morphing less than 1200 to nearly 1800 square feet; all without losing the charm of the original – or affecting the character of the neighbourhood. 

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Functional wardrobe for storage solution. Add your own style and flair to your home. Design your own custom designed Cabinets for your bedroom so your haven becomes uniquely your own. 

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In the wood

This pool house features a garden roof which echoes the surrounding canyon hills

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Latest bedroom videos

Smart bed makes itself
The OHEA smart bed makes itself when you get up. 
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