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Weatherboard systems and timber products for indoor and outdoor living spaces

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Ideas and inspiration

Canterbury home shows what's possible with quality weatherboards

If you want to clad your home in a material that's going to last, Envira weatherboards are the way to go

Your guide to home exterior finishes

Building a new home or renovating means making thousands of decisions, but we think choosing an exterior cladding option ranks as one of the most important

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Reducing space, not quality, with a transportable weatherboard home

Waste, costs and space - the more you can reduce in today’s world, the better! This maxim is also true in building design with ‘tiny homes’ no longer perceived of as just for eccentrics!

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Featured ideas for cladding

Colonial-style homes with a touch of class

Historical homes with a contemporary feel 

Wood slats line the upper level of this home, in a contrast with the corrugated cladding

This modest home makes the most of a small section, delivering a snug family space that opens up to the sun

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Latest cladding videos

Envira Weatherboard System

Envira is a complete weatherboard system for both bevel back and rusticated styles and incorporates everything that’s needed for a tidy, watertight finish designed to last. 

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Weatherboard systems  and timber products for indoor and outdoor living spaces