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Ideas and inspiration

Hanging out for natural light
When space is limited but you want light-filled interiors, one design approach is to literally go through the roof.
A new roof is now cheaper and easier
Recent developments in the roofing industry include new materials and new technologies – innovations that have changed what’s possible. Now you can install a new roof right over the old one – saving m...
Providing protection
By extending this home's roof all round, architect Tom Rowe has gas given sun and weather protection to its glazed living room pavilion that's open to the north, south and east.
The roof? We could finish it in glass and water?
Not your cheapest roofing option but it does spell recreation on high! The view from Italian home Casa B's deck and pool over the bay is spectacular – water all but connecting with ocean.
Gliding on
Anchored by two precast textured concrete “boxes”, a long drifting pavilion roof form glides above the cedar and concrete walls in this new home by Rowe Baetens Architecture.
Open advantage
To accomodate their large family who visit frequently, this retired couple extended their home to create an outdoor room – and couldn't be happier with the results.
New roof over old
Re-roofing stands as one of the most daunting home reno projects. Now, Ross Roof Group can cover an existing roof, so there is no weather concern stalling your re-roofing and protection of your home.

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Retractable Opening Roofs
This clever Opening Roof has the added advantage of the louvre blades retracting back so you can enjoy the skies above as you wish or bring the blades back in place for shelter. The best of both world...
Suburban Direct Opening Roof
The new 200 Suburban Direct Opening Roof has been designed with quality and economy in mind.
Sun Louvre Systems
Louvretec's range of Aluminium Sun Louvres let your wishes for your home or building become reality.


Johnson & Couzins Sky Louvres
The World's most Advanced Outdoor Louvre System Made in New Zealand.

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