From a transparent past

Two turn-of-the-century glass factories have been reconfigured as spacious lofts. Respect for the buildings' origins on the outside is carried through to the apartment interiors Read more

Return to splendour

Through a floor-plan reconfiguration and refreshed interior, a flow of movement and sense of homogeneity has returned to this 1930s cottage Read more

Bright outlook

Extensive glazing and decking, and a large, louvred pergola ensure this 1970s house has an attractive outdoor living area, and a much stronger connection to the landscape Read more

Room with a view

Modern and classic features merge in this renovated ensuite, designed to relate to the 1930s home Read more

Space saver

A rethink of this multi-purpose room sees the kitchen set along one wall and every nook and cranny utilised to maximise space Read more

Powder the nose

This traditional powder room lets guests freshen up with just a touch of elegance Read more

Proud face, warm heart

A comprehensive rethink of this stately residence sees its classic good looks backed by contemporary aesthetics and convenience Read more

Room with a view

Modern and classic features merge in this renovated ensuite, designed to relate to the 1930s home Read more

Dreaming in colour

This former Masonic Temple was dark, neglected and lacking in architectural merit just what the new owners were looking for Read more

Calm vibrations

Rich colours, soft fabrics and clean lines give this apartment the relaxed look of a high-end serviced suite Read more

Shuffle across

Built around 1920, time had made this house a shell of its former self but a recent face lift has given it a new lease on life Read more

Taking the long view

When the homeowners first viewed this property, an abandoned petrol station, they saw the potential for a tranquil riverside home Read more






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