Everyone knows dark colours absorb the sun's rays but there is a way around the problem. Resene Cool Colours reflect the heat to provide a cooler, more comfortable living environment

A view of some exterior paint from Resene. cottage, facade, home, house, real estate, roof, shed, siding, window, wood, black
A view of some exterior paint from Resene.

Many people think twice about using a dark-coloured paint on their house exterior. The possibility of the heat damaging the substrate, and the interior becoming uncomfortably hot are key reasons why lighter shades are likely to be specified.

Such concerns can be a thing of the past, however. Thanks to a new paint technology developed by Resene, painting exterior surfaces in dark colours is now a more feasible option.

Resene Cool Colour paint looks just like normal paint, but it reflects much more heat. This means it doesn't get as hot as a standard paint of a similar colour.

Marketing manager Karen Warman says the pigment technology allows the coating to retain its usual colour, while the reflected heat reduces the stress on the coating and substrate, limiting subseqent heat-related damage.

"The technology also minimises the build-up of unwanted heat inside the house, keeping air conditioning and cooling costs down," Warman says.

Resene Cool Colour can be used on all sorts of exterior surfaces and applications, from weatherboard cladding and concrete blocks to windowsills. It is available in a variety of Resene exterior finishes, which offer a wide array of colour and finish options.

For further information, visit a Resene ColorShop, or phone 0800 Resene (737 363). Website: www.resene.co.nz.

Story by: Trendsideas

25 Jan, 2008