A rethink of this multi-purpose room sees the kitchen set along one wall and every nook and cranny utilised to maximise space

A view of the kitchen, Stone Benchtop, Stainless cabinetry, countertop, cuisine classique, interior design, kitchen, room, orange, red
A view of the kitchen, Stone Benchtop, Stainless steel sink and tapware, Stainless Steel appliances, Polyurethane cabinates, Stools, Dining set.

Achieving the most from a modest-sized space can be approached on several fronts. Everything from designated cabinet interiors to extended sight lines can gain space, or the illusion of it. However, a well-considered layout presents the greatest opportunity to utilise all available floor areas.

This small, two-bedroom home has a combined study-kitchen-dining-living space. Interior designers Simona Castagna and Darren Genner were asked by the owner to make the room user friendly, and to gain maximum mileage from the limited area.

"Our first step was to completely reorganise, removing the existing, U-shaped kitchen, which encroached heavily into the room," says Genner. "Instead we ran the new kitchen along one wall, reclaiming the room's central floorspace. We also renovated the adjacent laundry, and the new kitchen's linear benchtop is extended past the door jamb into this area.

"This creates a mirror image of the kitchen along the laundry wall, allowing the rooms to run together visually. The laundry space proved useful in another way, too, being home to the new pantry."

Kitchen designer Darren Grenner shares some suggestions for cabinetry, countertop, cuisine classique, floor, flooring, furniture, hardwood, interior design, kitchen, room, wood, wood flooring, brown
Kitchen designer Darren Grenner shares some suggestions for materials and designs of kitchen benchtops.

The original kitchen had not only interrupted the through-flow, it also had dead areas of cabinetry space in the two corners of the benchtop.

"By running the cabinetry along the wall, there are no hard-to-access nooks to contend with," Genner says. "On the contrary, the new cabinetry provides an ally in space utilisation. The aubergine laminate cabinetry features the latest Blumotion organisational interiors. Everything has a specific purpose and this even applies to the end piece a utility drawer serving the perpendicular bench that the owners use as a desk and computer station."

With much space gained by the reconfiguration, the designers were able to extend the benchtop from a depth of 600mm to 750mm. This not only provided additional workspace, it also meant drawers and cupboards below could reach full depth again maximising storage capacity.

"Overhead, the wooden cabinetry doors open out and up," says the designer. This means someone using the bench can leave these cupboards open without having to constantly dodge them as they work."

A view of Kitchen, Cabinetry, Appliances, Benchtops countertop, furniture, home appliance, kitchen, kitchen appliance, kitchen stove, black
A view of Kitchen, Cabinetry, Appliances, Benchtops

Above the wooden cabinets, are white lacquer cabinets that are used for general storage.

"Every aspect of this renovation works to maximise a sense of space," Genner says. "The white, uppermost cabinetry has a reflective sheen that bounces light around the room. Similarly, the back-painted, green glass splashback reflects the garden beyond the windows on the opposite side of the room."

New floors were also laid, matching existing floorboards in the hallway. The new boards continue through the living room into the laundry. The sight line afforded by the layout is accentuated by this extended run of floorboards.

"Even the elongated cabinetry handles add to the impression of a long, linear space," says Genner. "We also integrated the appliances, helping to give the kitchen a furniture-like feel. This was particularly appropriate given the room's diverse uses."

Credit list

Base cabinets
Tall and top cabinets
Abey submount
Special Lights
Narrow overhead cabinets
Tasmanian Ash
Deco Glace
Oven and cooktop
Fisher & Paykel
Wall coverings
Dulux paints
Coma from Kuzu

Story by: Trendsideas

01 Feb, 2008