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A location-inspired makeover has injected vibrancy into this waterfront apartment

Interior view of contemporary apartment with red feature countertop, interior design, kitchen, real estate, gray
Interior view of contemporary apartment with red feature walls.

It has long been established that color plays a pivotal role in influencing mood. In a similar manner, geographical location is a determining factor in the types of colors that people will be drawn to.

When asked to remodel this Miami apartment, interior designer Jennifer Corredor was inspired by the oceanside setting and the lush, vivid hues found throughout the region.

"With the ocean view so prominently on display from just about every room, it was hard not to be influenced by its vitality," says Corredor.

"In fact, it was the impetus for one structural change that we made to the apartment opening up the wall between the entry and kitchen to install a glass feature so that the view to the ocean would not be obstructed."

Beginning with a palette of complementary colors, the designer set out to create a visually strong interior that would reference the location.

"The client loves bright colors, and incorporating them into the design was essentially one of the requirements, along with creating an interior that was designed for entertaining. What he really wanted was a high-end bachelor pad."

View of basin. bathroom, ceiling, interior design, light fixture, lighting, plumbing fixture, room, gray
View of basin.

"As the owner is originally from England, we wanted to reference that, so we took the entrance lobby and gave it a very dramatic, character-laden club look teaming the red with the honeyed hue of the wood doors," says Corredor.

"Inside the apartment the red is then used to establish a tropical flair."

Similarly, strong graphic elements augment the color scheme, imparting an added level of vibrancy and emulating the built environments seen through the window, as well as the interior architecture of the apartment.

Softer lines feature in the furniture and furnishings, many of which, especially the area rugs, expand on the color palette to create a more organic impression.

Overlaid throughout are elements of black and white.

"The visual dichotomy of black and white resonates just as strongly as do colors," says Corredor. "We've used accents of black and white to temper the bright colors, to act as visual stops a place for the eye to rest before taking in more of the design."

View of bedrrom with yellow and red artwork. bed, bed frame, bed sheet, bedroom, ceiling, home, interior design, real estate, room, suite, wall, window, gray
View of bedrrom with yellow and red artwork.

"Texture, too, is important. For the most part, the apartment presents as a very sleek space. Smooth surfaces flow seamlessly from one to the other. This is fine in a minimal setting, but there is a danger that it can end up by looking sterile," says the designer.

"Texture adds a further dimension. We like to use exotic woods for substance, as in the entry, while components such as the hand-matched white glass pebble wall in the dining area speak volumes as to quality. Lighting fixtures are another textural element. Pieces such as the Zettel'z 5 chandelier add instant texture to the dining area."

Color again extends into the master bedroom, where Corredor chose to work with warm hues, adding oranges and yellows to the red, as well as a wood floor.

With all this texture and color, it is surprising to find that the ensuite bathroom is understated, even somber in comparison.

"The focus for most of the apartment was to present it as an entertainment space, but it is still a man's domain and I wanted this bathroom to be a private space, to be masculine, and I think we achieved that."

Credit list

Kitchen designer
J Design Group
Countertops and backsplash
Martile from Quality Stone
Green glass wall coverings
Designed by J Design Group; fabricated by A-A Glass & Mirror
Ortega Industries
Millwork and moulding
Miami Wall Unit Group
Miami Shores Plumbing
Dining table and chairs
Breakfast setting
Decor (table); NuConcept (chairs)
Bed and bedside tables
Decorator’s Plumbing (tub); Hansgrohe from Sophisticated Hardware (sink faucets)
Fine-line Furniture & Accessories (vases, master bath artwork); Luminaire (vases, lamps, bowls); Decor (vases, lamps, hanging chair); Cappellini (occasional tables); Martha Salas-Kesser (master bedroom artwork)
Cabinet company
Yamini Kitchens
Entrance doors
Custom designed and fabricated by Miami Wall Unit Group
Solistone wall in dining area designed by J Design Group; red painted wall by Turcio Brothers
Universal Stone (tile); BR-111 (wood)
Lighting installation and electrical work
Billy’s Electrical Services
Luminaire; Mandonio; Farrey’s Wholesale Hardware Company
Victoria & Albert from Sophisticated Hardware
Duravit from Sophisticated Hardware

Story by: Justin Foote

13 Jul, 2011