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Paint & Wallpaper

Use wallpaper and paint to add colour and texture and create a personal style for your home. Here’s all the inspiration you need to get started.
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Ideas and inspiration

Evocative tones
The interiors of Sudima Christchurch City hotel connect with the Canterbury environment through texture and tone – the painted wall surfaces are Resene
Colour my way
What's your favourite colour to come home to? The interiors of this home are serene and understated – with pops of colour providing a balancing counterpoint
Designer digs
Having an interior designer is always a good idea to make a space look and feel great, but it's not always possible to make a reality. Here are some ways to make your home look like it's been touched ...
Colour scheme ideas for a relaxing and inviting bedroom
Colour is so important when decorating the bedroom, you want to create a serene and relaxing area that will help you to get that important shut-eye. Here's how to achieve just that
Make it personal
Warm, cool, inviting, or atmospheric – a deft choice of colour has a major impact on your project
With character
An artistic, balanced palette of hard-wearing, quick drying Resene Lustacryl paints brings this pretty kitchen to life
6 cost-saving tips for first-time renovators that will upgrade your living spaces
Living spaces are arguably the most expensive areas in your home. To combat this, here are some top cost-saving tips to renovating.

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latest paint videos

Painting a ceiling with Resene SpaceCote Flat
SpaceCote Flat
Applying Resene Broadwall Surface Prep & Seal
Applying Resene Broadwall Surface Prep & Seal
Relax Wallpaper Is Easy Episode 2
Episode 2 Relax, Wallpaper is Easy: All you need to know to successfully put wallpaper up in your home


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