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Sinks & Taps

There are many sink styles, from farmhouse to undermount to stainless steel – and tap options are equally diverse. Options, advice and product resources are provided here
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Ideas and inspiration

Grohe your colour scheme
You’ll be spoilt for choice with four durable coloured finishes to choose from across Grohe tapware, showers mixers, and accessories. Backed by a 15 year guarantee – the beautiful finishes included
Washing your hands of poor functionality?
Despite the eye-catching aesthetic, this kitchen is built around functionality – for instance, a second sink was added at the rear of the kitchen, near the back door, as a convenient place to wash you...
Material riches
This kitchen reflects a rich materiality, with touches of brass seen in the tapware, cabinet handles, window latches, light fittings and the rustic brass wire cabinet grills.
Seamless presence
Flush sinks and a hob welded flush into the rear stainless steel benchtop contribute to the pared back look of this kitchen by the Matisse design team.
Close advantage
Unless you need the exercise it makes good sense to create a compact tight work triangle in your kitchen. In this kitchen, the prepping sink is literally one step from the fridge, one step from the co...

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Tropical feel bar-kitchen a one-off centre of attention
This unique kitchen-bar-wine cellar design is the centrepiece of a resort style home – if the run-of-the-mill isn't for you then a great kitchen designer can lead the way.
Masculine mood
Many kitchens present a pale, restrained aesthetic to the world. However, this dark-toned kitchen by designer Annika Rowson achieves a more dramatic presence
Island in the sun
When your new kitchen is a through kitchen, just not getting in the way of pedestrian flow is a must. This kitchen all-but disappears into the walls, but the island stands out like a lead actor under ...
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