Sense of balance

Shaker-style cabinetry, natural elements/colours, hints of brass and earthy touches all combine to create a refined yet cosy family interior

Interior design by Danni-Lee Corkery, Danni-Lee Designs

From the interior designer:

Project overview

This project blends sophistication and comfort to create a cosy living experience. 

Inspired by the timeless charm of wine country aesthetics, the design infuses the home with an organic and lasting ambiance.

Owner requirements

1. Timeless elegance – the owner's objective was to make the home timeless and elegant, crafting a space that is sophistication yet homely and comfortable.

2. Entertainment-friendly – my homeowners are frequent entertainers and have a large family, so the design needed to be versatile, accommodating gatherings and social events.

Challenges and solutions:

Timelessness and elegance – striking the perfect balance between timelessness and elegance was a central challenge. 

To address this, the design curated classic elements, including the integration of shaker-style cabinetry in the kitchen. 

Natural elements and colours were thoughtfully used to ensure a contemporary yet lasting appeal. 


Hints of brass and warm tones, combined with muted blacks, make the space feel elegant. 

Earthy touches, such as the rattan pendant and looped rugs, add a homely warmth without compromising sophistication.

Warmth and comfort – creating a welcoming and cosy ambiance was vital. 

Organic tones and textures, including timber accents and textured tiles, were woven into the design to create an inviting atmosphere throughout the home. 

Thoughtful lighting played a critical role in setting the right ambiance, with feature lighting enhancing warmth in various spaces and creating a softer, more inviting feel in the moody bathrooms.

Entertainment-friendly kitchen – the kitchen takes centre stage in fulfilling the owner's desire for an entertaining space. 

It features key design elements, such as exterior cladding on the back of the island bench. 

An ideally positioned seating area, bathed in sunlight streaming through adjacent sliding doors, provides an inviting setting for conversations. 

To balance proportions and create a visual focal point, an oversized pendant light was selected. 

Additionally, the stunning Caesarstone benchtop extends along the front of the island and up the splashback wall.

Vast but not empty – the vastness of the open space, with its 7m pitch, presented a unique challenge. 

To counter this, a warm white colour was chosen, complemented by generous skirting boards to balance proportions. 

A touch of black in the furniture selection, along with a custom textured rug from Baya Living, added depth and cosiness – also helping to eliminate echoes and soften the expansive area.

Windows – another critical decision was to leave the front window untreated. 

Given its private frontage, this window serves as a framed work of art, and adopting a minimalist approach allowed the space to maintain its sophisticated ambiance.

Guest bedroom – the guest bedroom underwent a layout transformation, introducing a floating wall to conceal the wardrobe. 

This design choice facilitated the creation of an exquisite feature with a floating headboard wall. 

The wardrobe was reimagined to include a mini-bar and tea and coffee area, ensuring guests feel at home and pampered.

Conclusion – the owners are thrilled with the outcome, as it aligns with their lifestyle and vision. 

The home now stands as a testament to timeless elegance, providing comfort and sophistication for years to come.

Credit list

Blankspace Architecture (adjusted with Kanda Homes and Danni-Lee Designs)
Kitchen manufacturer
Good Kitchens
Bedroom flooring
Feltex Ruby Bay – Marybank
Bathroom tiles
Quantum Tiles
Resene Half Merino
Feature light fittings
Citta, Mr Raplh and Robert Gordon
Dining table/chairs
Trends International Design Awards (TIDA) Homes – Highly Commended
Kitchen designer
Danni-Lee Designs
Millboard by Forté - NZ; Resene Rockcote & Plaster
Main flooring
Engineered Timber Flooring, by Forté Flooring
Baya – Furtex NZ
Fireplace – Resene Rockcote; entry feature wall – Millboard Cladding, by Forté
General heating
Living area furniture
Soren Liv, David Shaw

Designed by: Danni-Lee Designs

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Amanda Thomas

31 Jan, 2024

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