A new and funky guest bathroom belies its previous existence as a darker, cramped and poorly organised space – tiles from The Tile Depot were instrumental in the transformation 

 It was love at first sight when Steven and Ingrid Painter discovered the section on which they would build their dream home with Landmark Homes

Medical consultations and procedures can be stressful – the MacMurray Centre by Warren and Mahoney exudes calmness and efficiency

This home is clad in soft grey vertical cedar contrasted with a light clay-toned brick cladding, and the all grounded by dark plaster render

Probably the tub – the twinkling, rounded mosaic wall behind this tub acts as a zone divider – the shower tucked behind on one side and toilet on the other

In an architectural home full of surprises we spotted a rather rakish, almost sculptural benchtop pourer – the fine art of utility as eye-catching feature

Well of course they can – the panelling on these vanity drawers relates a traditional tale – to be continued or contrasted in the wider design

With a limited footprint, Shepparton Art Museum by Denton Corker Marshall goes more up than out – showing how, with clever architecture, less can hold much more

Too long to get to work? Feel life isn't built along wellbeing principles? Or is that we need a more organic way to approach retail, business and leisure? Project H1, by UNStudio, presents a ...

Aedas chairman Keith Griffiths suggests shops must change from 'selling machines' to become destinations that interact, educate and entertain

Congratulations to Di Henshall of Di Henshall Interior Design, winner of the TIDA Australia Interior Design of the Year for this colourful interior revamp

Congratulations to Kelli Rieck of Rieck Building Design, winner of TIDA Australia Designer New Home of the Year  with this corner site home