Refined joinery sets the scene

Need a star feature with maximum functionality? One-off custom-designed wood joinery takes this bathroom by designer Kira Gray of Fyfe Kitchens to the next level Read more

Style & sustainability

In this home by Dalecki Design, a cast-in-situ concrete wall with all imperfections retained offers a rugged counterpart to the polished concrete floor. The latter acts as a heat sink – soaking up the day’s rays to then ... Read more

5 reasons your lawn doesn't look the way you want it to

We all want a great looking garden for the family to enjoy over summer – but often pay no attention to the lawn until it's too late. Here are the five most common lawn problems you ... Read more

Minimalist, easy-to-clean kitchen has dedicated zones and strong material palette

A semi-industrial palette of wood, concrete and steel gives this kitchen a strong presence and also connects it to the wider surroundings Read more

Corner site home balances privacy and openness to views

An abstract expression of shapes and finishes from the street, this corner home is internally laid out to provide vistas and inter-room connections at every turn – with some spaces ... Read more

Master class in bringing light and life to previously gloomy, closed off spaces

Once compartmentalised and claustrophobic, an existing master suite has been transformed, with lightness and openness achieved in several ways Read more

Something borrowed

Extend your sense of landscape beyond your property boundary park. A park with large established trees over the road from this home has been captured as a “borrowed” landscape to make the house feel as though it has a much la... Read more

Low-slung advantage

It might sound obvious but one of the best ways to optimise your views is to choose low-slung furniture. On this mountain home with expansive picture windows and large doors that connect to the outdoor decks, furniture piece... Read more

Major renovation marries old with new delivering new home built on good bones

Contemporary renovation of 1970s home features open-plan living area, large terrace and pool Read more

Mix and match

Careful curated combinations of special furniture pieces from different periods and origins give this revamped apartment its unique character Read more

Natural contours

Nature doesn't really work with straight lines and now with Muros Wall Panels you don't have to either. Muros panels offer complete versatility – they can be cut and jointed around symmetrical corners or continuously curve arou... Read more

Lighting the darkness

Concealed lighting under the wall cabinetry washes down the eye-catching herringbone tilework in this bathroom by Bijl Architecture. Read more