Functional and visually appealing materials create an enticing atmosphere in this master suite

view of this master bedroom leading to the bookcase, cabinetry, door, floor, flooring, furniture, interior design, shelf, shelving, brown, orange
view of this master bedroom leading to the bathroom featuring timber flooring , hauteville stone, teak veneer wall cladding

Although it's a relatively common practice, redeveloping commercial buildings for apartment use can be challenging. For instance, a party wall shared with a neighbor may mean windowless rooms that will require a solution to allow natural light to penetrate.

Enlisted to remodel an entire floor of a turn-of-the-century, former plumbing company headquarters, architect Kathryn Quinn, from KQA, faced a similar scenario.

"The master suite needed to be light and warm, an area for sitting and relaxing, as well as sleeping and dressing.

"However, as the bathroom was windowless, we needed a method of introducing light into the buried space. We achieved this with sandblasted glass set in teak frames."

view of the bathroom featuring teak veneer vanity architecture, bathroom, ceiling, countertop, daylighting, floor, flooring, home, house, interior design, real estate, room, sink, orange, brown
view of the bathroom featuring teak veneer vanity and cladding, limestone tiles, hauteville stone bathtub

Sandblasted glass and stone are recurring materials throughout the suite. Teak, chosen for its water-resistant properties, is a major component in the two main furniture pieces one separating the bedroom from the walk-in closet, the other the bathroom vanity and mirror.

"We viewed the bedroom and walk-in closet as one large space. The teak and sandblasted glass closet separates the space, but doesn't rise fully to the ceiling," says Quinn.

"In the bathroom, rather than a wall, the vanity furniture acts as a partition. Ceilings at different levels also emphasize the bath, which is a central element."

Custom made from the same Hauteville limestone used on the floor and vanity countertops, the entire bath appears as if carved from a solid block. The solid benches on either side provide a seating area that continues as a limestone band around the perimeter wall.

view of the midori greent tiles used in bathroom, floor, flooring, interior design, room, tile, wall, window, brown
view of the midori greent tiles used in the bathroom, bathtub, stainless towell rail

Next to the tub, teak paneling wraps up the adjacent wall, across the ceiling and through the volume left by the suspended vanity. The vanity, designed for both form and function, is supported at the same height as the stone band.

In the bedroom, an effect similar to that of a loft apartment was created by leaving some exposed infrastructure, such as sprinkler piping, in place. False beams were also used to define space and house the recessed perimeter lighting.

Recesses were incorpor-ated into the thickened exterior walls to provide a space forthe drapes.

Credit list

Bathroom designer
Hauteville stone, custom designed by KQA
Duravit from Waterware
Shower fittings
Boffi from Luminaire
Shower tiles
Midori Green Oceanside Glass tile from Materials Marketing Corp
Recessed lights from Iris; Prandina pendants from Lightology
Soap basket
Sliding doors
Teak veneer with sandblasted glass panels, custom designed
Frankel & Giles
Custom teak
Boffi from Luminaire
Hauteville stone 12in x12in tiles
Crane Flormont
Towel bars and ladder
Walls and ceiling paneling

Story by: Trendsideas

26 May, 2006

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