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A freestanding tub or a walk-in shower? Which shower head, mixer and stall? Is a shower dome a good idea, or shower curtains? Here’s all the inspiration you need for your project

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Making a splash
If you don’t want your bathroom overwhelmed by colour, why not have a colourful finish just in the shower area – as in this bathroom where vivid blue-painted, patterned tiles contrast with grey polish...
Why tiled walk-in showers suit smaller homes
Smaller bathrooms suit smaller homes and come with some clear advantages. So what are the benefits exactly, and why a tiled walk-in shower?
Private viewing
Having a bath tub sitting in front of a full height window doesn’t have to mean you’ll be over-exposed. Kaynemail mesh panels placed outside this ensuite bathroom allow occupants to enjoy harbour view...

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Athena Showers
Combine the sleek modern styling of frameless glass with tiled walls to create a distinctly refined space.
Toto Bathroomware Collection
Sophisticated styling, Supreme QualityThe timeless style of TOTO range will give your bathroom an indefinable feeling of luxury the moment you step through the door. Exclusive to Plumbing World Home i...
LeVivi Bathroroomware Collection
Breathe life into your bathroomWith the LeVivi range of bathroomware, you can design the space you’ve always dreamed of. No compromises, just a bathroom that works perfectly, and looks stunning. Exclu...

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