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Ideas and inspiration

Italian Design for the bathroom

A very elegant collection, SHUI, literally water. It seems to re-evoke the mild flowing of water, which characterises the element of the collection, giving harmoniously curved lines. Designed by Paolo d'Arrigo.

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Light, breezy and packed with functionality

From nationwide showrooms to expert help and a new 2016 Bathroom Book, Mico Bathrooms has everything you need for your project See more

Why you should have an in-wall cistern for your new toilet

Is an in-wall cistern right for your bathroom? Get the inside scoop on your biggest questions, concerns and hesitations.

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Featured Image Collections

Bathe like you're famous

You don't need to be rich or famous to achieve dreamy bathrooms like these

The 5 biggest bathroom blunders to avoid

Bathroom experts Smarter Bathrooms share some key things to avoid when starting your bathroom renovation

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Refined bathroom in modest-sized home creates sense of spaciousness

Large-format porcelain wall and floor tiles and cantilevered elements give this bathroom the luxurious, spacious feel of a high-end hotel bathroom

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