Warehouse apartment conversion with sleek kitchen in dark timber veneer

Pied-a-terre for out-of-town owners features large kitchen with dark timber veneer cabinets, stainless steel and stone benchtops, mobile island

A bright red laser-cut screen door signals the architecture, glass, interior design, product design, black
A bright red laser-cut screen door signals the entry to this new apartment in a converted warehouse space. Architect Daniel Ash kept the entry separate from the main living area to create a sense of arrival, but it is still possible to glimpse activity within the kitchen.

Converting warehouse space into an apartment provides a great opportunity to take a more adventurous approach to design.

And that's precisely what architect Daniel Ash did with this conversion he used high-end materials, strong textural contrasts and bright colour accents to create an apartment that gleams like a jewel box in a semi-industrial setting.

"The entire apartment needed to have the look and feel of an international hotel, which would be a major change from the owners' main residence a coastal property out of town," the architect says.

"And the kitchen needed to be the dynamic centrepiece. It had to be highly functional, suitable for entertaining and part of the living space, rather than a separate area."

Black powdercoated aluminium ribs support dark veneer shelves countertop, interior design, kitchen, black
Black powdercoated aluminium ribs support dark veneer shelves and overhead cabinets in this new apartment kitchen designed by architect Daniel Ash. Sleek stainless steel folds up and over the splashback. One end of the long island functions as a mobile table it is on castors so it can be moved to different areas.

At the same time, however, the architect wanted to create a sense of arrival for the apartment, with a front door that would not open directly into the living room.

With this in mind, Ash positioned the kitchen cabinetry in a freestanding U shape. Because it is set away from the walls, there is a circulation space around the back that creates an entry passage.

A series of shelves and overhead cabinets supported by black powdercoated steel ribs provide transparency, so it's possible to glimpse activity in the kitchen. This also helps to increase the sense of space.

"The material palette acknowledges the industrial building and the city location," says Ash. "We have exposed the concrete ceiling and walls, and used a lot of grey and black to create a rich, dark palette. The cabinets are a dark timber veneer, but this is lightened by highly polished concrete flooring and benchtops in stone and gleaming stainless steel."

Plan of new apartment within a converted warehouse, angle, area, design, diagram, drawing, floor plan, font, line, plan, product design, text, white
Plan of new apartment within a converted warehouse, designed by Daniel Ash Architects.

The stainless steel on the perimeter cabinets turns up to form the splashback and then folds over the top and down the rear of the cabinetry to provide sleek panels at the back.

"There are four large blocks of joinery, with storage provided on every side every square inch of space is used."

The long island doubles as a table. One end is on castors, so it can be wheeled outside or into the garage for parties.

Another key feature is the use of bright red accents. High-gloss lacquered doors, including the laser-cut front door, provide inviting pops of colour, visible from all corners.

Credit list

Daniel Ash, Daniel Ash Architects
Reconstituted stone from Stone Italia; stainless steel
Franke Mythos
Oven, cooktop and dishwasher
Sonic Lighting
Timber veneer with black powdercoated aluminium ribs
Stainless steel
Franke Kubus
Mirror-finish polished concrete
Trends International Design Awards (TIDA) Kitchens – Highly Commended

Story by: Colleen Hawkes

Photography by: Richard Whitbread

28 Jul, 2015

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