This contemporary family home with attractive, easy-care surfaces and tile selections from The Tile Depot caters to the personalities of the homeowners

A new build by Fowler Homes, Auckland South & East in Beachlands has created a contemporary family home with attractive easy-care surfaces and tile selections that cater to the unique personalities of the home’s new occupiers.

An abundance of light floods throughout the generously proportioned areas of this home, further enhanced by the selection of natural and neutral floor and wall coverings. 

It is a home that feels tranquil and welcoming, where relaxation and contemplation is encouraged away from the hustle and bustle of the world outside.

The use of whites and wood-effect detailing flows throughout the home, giving the dwelling the perfect coastal vibes in this seaside location. 

There is a strong sense of flow, which extends throughout all areas of the home’s interior.

Tile selections from The Tile Depot continue the flow of soft neutral colours and materials throughout the bathroom, laundry and kitchen areas. 

For this family of three it was a simple process to stamp their individual personalities in the bathroom and ensuite areas through their tile selections. 

Both spaces have used Ferrocemento Bianco 597x1196mm tiles for the bulk of the room’s floors and walls. 

These large, elegant, stone inspired tiles have a gentle calming character with a hint of metallic detailing. 

With the tiles introduced floor to ceiling, they enhance the already spacious feel of these rooms, and with minimal grout lines they create a streamlined, easy-care space.

Accent tiles were then chosen to give each room a distinct character. 

For the bathroom, which is essentially a teenage daughter’s own space, Victorian Blush Smooth Panel 400x800mm tiles were chosen. 

These striking tiles are part of a collection of feature tiles inspired by the wooden wall detailing from the Victorian era. 

Reinterpreted in a porcelain stoneware format has brought this touch of the past into the modern era and in the process created a dream bathroom for any lover of blush-coloured tiles. 

The bathroom is elegant while still being fun, hip, and welcoming.

In the master ensuite a simple chic feature wall has been created using white 3D-effect tiles. 

4D Chevron White 400x800mm wall tiles have a chevron relief pattern and introduce a subtle architectural texture into the room. 

They tie beautifully with the use of white throughout the home, while bringing a touch of refinement and modern geometric form to the ensuite – the space feels mature and sophisticated.

Simple white subway tiles were used in the spacious laundry and scullery areas. 

Their high gloss finishes reflect light and feel clean and fresh in both these spaces. 

For the scullery, the owners chose Tribeca Gypsum White 60x246mm, a Spanish tile with a slightly industrial character. 

This comes with a range of shades – all randomly applied – an undulating surface and vintage edge treatment. 

It may be a white tile but it oozes personality and the soft eggshell tones are warm and inviting.

In the laundry, Casablanca White 58x242mm adorns the splash zone above the bench.  

This is a brighter white than the Tribeca but is also supplied with a range of shades and an undulating surface.

The home – designed and constructed by Fowler Homes – is a functional easy-care family dwelling that captures the character of its coastal setting and blends it with the personality of the homes new owners. 

The variety of tiles available at The Tile Depot further enhance those moments where personality can be expressed through surface coverings.

To find out more about the feature tiles specified for this Fowler Homes, Auckland South & East Beachlands family home and to explore the wide range of quality tiles available head online to The Tile Depot website

Credit list

Home design & build
Fowler Homes, Auckland South & East
Bathroom and ensuite walls and floors
Ferrocemento Bianco 597x1196mm
Ensuite feature wall
4D Chevron White 400x800mm
Laundry subway tiles
Casablanca White 58x242mm
Tile supplier
Bathroom accent tiles
Victorian Blush Smooth Panel 400x800mm
Scullery subway tiles
Tribeca Gypsum White 60x246mm

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Jamie Cobel

23 Oct, 2022

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