High efficiency, low anxiety

Medical consultations and procedures can be stressful – the MacMurray Centre by Warren and Mahoney exudes calmness and efficiency

Designed by Warren and Mahoney

From the architects: 

MacMurray Centre is a new private medical centre for an endoscopy specialist located within the medical precinct of Remuera, Auckland.

The design provides a relaxed and empathetic patient experience, in a welcoming residential-like front of house, reception and waiting room.

An expansive double highlight space has been designed to feel as if you are waiting in a living room, with the terrace and garden beyond.

This ambiance is carried through to the medical front of house spaces on the upper level, off the mezzanine.

The resulting centre offers a comfortable space that evokes a sense of being at home, creating a realm which reduces patients’ anxiety through familiar design cues.

A clear delineation in built form and internal material specification has been achieved between the public front of house and the private clinical realms.

The patient journey is integral, hosted at the beginning in a hotel-like sequence, followed through to different boutique clinical experiences as they follow their treatment process.

The centre is made up of three procedure rooms, one operating theatre and supporting facilities.

Patient-flow from initial consultation in one of seven consult rooms leads through to four pre-operation rooms for changing and relaxed waiting times.

Ten recovery beds and several recovery chairs enable a transitioned exit with private conversations accommodated in one of three post-operation rooms.

Recovery rooms face easterly back towards Mount Hobson with the added provision of bedrooms where discharged patients can stay if/when required.

An infusion room offers the opportunity for diversity of medical offerings, while a Medical Room can accommodate for specialist requirements (including VIPs).

Staff are afforded an outward-focused retreat, off the beaten track, which allows for quiet time and reflection between procedures.

Sustainably sourced building materials were specified from the western-red cedar, through to key design moves such as the dramatic cantilevered canopy which provides shading to the double height glazed façade.

LED light fixtures are used throughout, double glazing and environmentally sustainable design services wrap up this facility.

Credit list

MacMurray Centre, Remuera, Auckland
Interior designer
Warren and Mahoney
Bradnams / Atlus Windows
Roofing material
Metal – Dimond
Feature wall linings
Timber – Rosenfeld Kidson
Argon Construction
Timber – Rosenfeld Kidson; metal – Dimond; concrete – Nauhria
Main flooring
Front-of-house – carpet by Heritage Carpets; tiles by European Ceramics; clinical – vinyl by Inzide Commercial
Feature lighting
Front-of-house – ECC

Designed by: Warren and Mahoney

Story by: Trendsideas

14 Nov, 2021

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