Fire and water

A double-sided fireplace and antiqued stone surrounds create an inviting ambience

view of the bathroom featuring fireplace, antique wall bathroom, estate, fireplace, floor, flooring, hearth, interior design, property, real estate, room, gray
view of the bathroom featuring fireplace, antique wall scones and marble flooring/trim

Bathrooms are today regarded as a place of sanctuary. Deep soaking tubs, steam showers and saunas are all features that once were found only in health clubs and day spas, but have now become commonplace in large master bathrooms. Taking indulgence one step further, and introducing an additional feature that invites contemplation, serves only to increase the sense of relaxation, especially when it emanates flickering light and warmth.

A roaring fire was central to the atmosphere of the master suite shown here, says designer Meryl Hare, who worked with fellow designer Dimity Chitty on the project.

"The owners wanted a traditional European-style space with the look of solid stone surfaces and flickering flames," says Hare. "The two-sided fireplace ended up being a feature of both the bathroom and adjacent bedroom."

Built as part of a new home, the designer was able to position the fireplace to optimum effect for both rooms. Extensive behind the scenes planning was required to accommodate gas pipes and flues.

view of the shower stall that also doubles bathroom, ceiling, floor, flooring, interior design, plumbing fixture, room, tile, wall, brown, gray
view of the shower stall that also doubles as a steamroom

"The detailed planning was well worth the end result the fireplace provides a dramatic focal point and a practical source of warmth," says Hare. "Lying in the over-sized tub, anoccupant can glimpse past the flames into the bedroom beyond."

The bathroom's solid, traditional feel is extended through the rich natural surfaces of an antiqued marble vanity top and flooring and wood shutters and cabinetry.

"Beyond the European-style shutters you can see straight out to the harbor and waterfront. So between the views and the fireplace, a bather is really in the lap of luxury in this setting," says Hare. "The generous-sized tub has an equally expansive surround. Niche alcoves at the opposite end to the fireplace provide a sense of balance."

The large shower stall doubles as a steamroom. As with the fireplace, a lot of behind the scenes work went into achieving what appears to be a straightforward result. The complex elements addressed for the steamroom included sideways-facing, underbench vents, comprehensive insulation, and a sloping laminate ceiling, to allow for condensation run-off. Provision of space for the steam generator was another consideration.

view of the timber vanity with marble top, bathroom, bathroom accessory, bathroom cabinet, cabinetry, countertop, cuisine classique, interior design, kitchen, room, sink, brown, gray
view of the timber vanity with marble top, the mirror is interspersed into the wood alcoves

The walls above the antiqued marble have a stucco finish, which was polished and waxed to create a sheen. Light, including firelight, reflects off this surface, adding textural dimension.

"The bathroom's feeling of luxury goes beyond the fireplace and tub. We carry that feeling of indulgence through the entire master suite." says Hare.

The bathroom's marble flooring is matched in tone by the carpet in the adjacent bedroom, creating a smooth transition. In the bedroom, the fireplace is a focal point and able to be seen from the bed. Next to it, an entertainment center features a large plasma screen.

"The features and finishes we chose for this suite work together to create an atmosphere. The entire space provides an inviting haven," says Hare.

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Brian Meyerson
Shower fittings
Axor Starck II
Kohler Ribbon Reef
Stone Emperador Crema with antique finish
Meryl Hare,
Eclipse multijet spa

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26 May, 2006

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