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Urban Forester House

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The Urban Forester House by mode:lina™ boasts beautiful concrete structural elements.


mode:lina™ Architects description:

Newly built terraced house still in raw state fell into the hands of Poznań based architects from mode:lina™ just in time, because it turned out that: “These structural concrete elements are just beautiful!”

The lack of any walls immediately gave future users an overview of the ground floor space.

“We love open space but is has to be cozy. We also like raw materials but they need to get some warm natural accents because of our small child. Do you think there's still room for some furniture we inherited from our parents?”

In order to bring more nature into this urban house, floor in the living room was covered with cowhide and bathroom sliding door are raw MDF with old plank print. The owner was really enthusiastic about the idea of making a tree branch chandelier:

“It can not be just any branch! I will bring one from the place where I used to spend my childhood holidays.”

Even purely functional aspects are matching the overall atmosphere of the house.

“(He) We have a growing collection of books. The collection of clothes grow too (fast!)

(She) Yes, I want my wardrobe in my bedroom and it need to be very special.”

The wardrobe gets closer to nature too as it looks like a mysterious forest with hidden doorway (the mirror).

“This house feels like a forester close to the city centre.”

Project: Urban Forester

Design: mode:lina™

Design team: Paweł Garus, Jerzy Woźniak

Location: Poznań

Area: 120 m2

Completion: 2012

Photos: Marcin Ratajczak, Ayuko Studio

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