Park Avenue upgrade

A dilapidated service wing in this traditional grand apartment on Park Avenue has been transformed for modern living Read more

Perfectly formed

Dark enclosed spaces have made way for open-plan living and entertaining Read more

Nouvelle cuisine

The clean-lined aesthetic of this Mid-century Modern ranch house informed the Modernist remodel of the kitchen Read more

Tonal expression

This understated kitchen blends with an interior of sculptural forms and subtle hues Read more

Scenes by the sea

This kitchen looks toward views of the ocean tone, texture and empathetic features ensure the design merges with the light-filled greater space Read more

Grace and balance

Attention to materials, shapes and styles ensures this kitchen responds to its immediate and distant surroundings Read more

Sycamore and steel

Contrasting materials one warm, one cool give this integrated kitchen and small family area a harmonious balance Read more

Chef's special

Cooking to restaurant standards is the norm rather than the exception with the new DCS by Fisher & Paykel indoor kitchen collection Read more

Flowing aesthetic

This kitchen looks out on a broad riverway the contemporary design connects to the natural environment in its orientation and material choices Read more

Everything in its place

Good organization is essential for the smooth running of your kitchen. Rev-A-Shelf lets you maximize your storage and offers motorized solutions to make access even easier Read more

Designed to last

Kitchen and bathroom sinks, faucets, dispensers and sink grids all with an emphasis on quality and style are made by Artisan Manufacturing Read more

Personal space

This chic kitchen plays with scale, surfaces and expectations Read more





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