Perfect neighbour

Curvaceous and contemporary, the Asteron Centre responds to its immediate architectural surroundings and the needs of an energy-beleaguered planet Read more

heart of light

Iconic Maori images of voyaging and the spreading branches of the pohutukawa are all called to mind by the soaring Pou Manawa structure at Auckland Airport Read more

Engaging personality

A bold new tower and shopping hub, together with the rethink of an adjacent podium, create a new retail dynamic in the heart of Brisbane Read more

Inside out

A converted Japanese Army headquarters in Shanghai is transformed into a hotel that challenges the notion of private and public spaces Read more

Tower of power

A variety of surfaces and finishes transformed the building lobby. played an important part in the seamless fit-out Read more


Many modern airport terminals reference the nature of flight. This terminal building does the opposite, presenting three rock-like structures that are anchored to the landscape Read more

All Work and play

Getting down to the serious business of a day's work takes on new meaning in this office, which provides a lively, free-flowing workplace with an emphasis on transparency, collaboration and time out Read more

The Enigma code

A new museum housing some of the most important works of Salvador Dali takes the form of a glass jewel bursting out of a treasure box Read more

Endless possibilities

Like a beautiful mind writ large, RMIT's Building 22 celebrates the wonder of human consciousness beyond artificial intelligence Read more

Leading by example

Consolidation is an increasing focus for large corporations and banks. As well as streamlining customer services, it provides an ideal opportunity to tailor the workplace to the 21st century Read more


Several photovoltaic panels on Pixel's roof track the sun Commsolar provided the expertise and product required Read more

Precious water

A variety of water saving and reuse systems were implemented at Pixel these were installed by Richstone Group Read more





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