Cocktails poolside

With its open-air walkways and pavilion-style architecture, this house takes its cue from modern Balinese resorts Read more

Strength of character

With its monolithic, sculptural form, this new house resembles an industrial loft in the midst of a conservative suburban neighbourhood Read more

Three pavilions

Classical with modern interpretations, this low and horizontal lakeside home makes a subtle, tactful debut into a traditional neighbourhood Read more

Larger than life

With increasingly sophisticated audiovisual technology available, a quiet night in with a DVD takes on a whole new meaning Read more

Picture perfect

This spacious Victorian-style homestead is a loving re-creation of another house the owners admired Read more

Extrasensory perception

We've come to expect a lot from our home theatre experience sharper images, better sound however it's hidden technology that gives this cinema extra kick Read more

A simple disguise

Extensive glazing, stone and weathered cedar cladding ensure this home blends into its surroundings, making it almost invisible from a distance Read more

Islands in the sun

Designing a house to capture a 300° view presents its own challenges, says the owner of this island retreat. But the results speak for themselves Read more

Under the stars

Fibre-optic lights create a three-dimensional vision of a night sky as a backdrop for this home theatre Read more

Scenic approach

Offering a relaxed lifestyle and an ever-changing outlook, the new Seagrass Villas, constructed by Ware Building, present an airy, natural aesthetic Read more

Family affair

Starting with a site that offered expansive views but little privacy, Graeme Alexander Homes' strategic response resulted in a relaxed family retreat Read more

Natural outlook

Looking to the health of the planet and your power bills, a house by Solar Solutions Design combines energy efficiency with overall building economy Read more






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