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An adroitly designed residence will address a variety of needs from a warm, welcoming aesthetic to a family-friendly layout and energy efficiency. Aspect Homes' designs are closely considered from every angle

View of the bathroom of a high-end custom architecture, bathroom, bathtub, ceiling, daylighting, floor, interior design, plumbing fixture, room, window, white, gray, black
View of the bathroom of a high-end custom designed home by Aspect Homes which features a free-standing bath tub and tiled flooring.

In the world of contemporary housing, a number of diverse design criteria have to be considered. To achieve a residence that ticks all the right boxes, it makes sense to approach a designer who considers every aspect as part of the cohesive whole.

Aspect Homes, in business for more than 26 years, specialises in custom-designed, high-end homes. Director Michael Sasso says his emphasis is on innovation and practical construction solutions.

"Our extensive design processes ensure that a design concept is the best it can be for the client's requirements and budget, and also addresses the site and location of the home," Sasso says.

Services offered by Aspect Homes include site selection and appraisal, building design and working drawing documentation, overseeing the process of development and building approval, and fixed lump sum contracts for building or project management. A full interior design service and the design and management of landscape works are also part of Aspect's extensive services to clients.

View of the kitchen area of a high-end interior design, kitchen, living room, real estate, white, orange
View of the kitchen area of a high-end custom designed home by Aspect Homes which features kitchen appliances.

Sasso says a professional, personalised, hands-on approach ensures Aspect Homes' clients see their personal style reflected in their new homes.

Over the years, Aspect Homes has also won the respect of its industry peers. The forward-looking company has won over 30 awards and received many commendations for innovative design and skilled workmanship.

"Key to our success has been the principles of our designs, which concentrate on a good flow of interior spaces, lots of light, and a strong indoor-outdoor relationship," he says. "Our projects are visually exciting, express the latest design trends and use contemporary materials. All our homes are built with a personal commitment to quality."

The houses on these pages provide a good example of Aspect Homes' ability to think outside the square. Kitchens, as the heart of the home, connect to most areas of the residence, including the outdoor living spaces. The houses are designed according to principles of public zones and areas of privacy while the open-plan interiors offer site lines through the public spaces, private spaces are shielded both visually and acoustically.

Interior view from the upper level of a architecture, daylighting, floor, handrail, home, house, interior design, living room, real estate, window, gray
Interior view from the upper level of a high-end custom designed home by Aspect Homes featuring glass balustrade and steel handrail.

"In-depth experience in modern construction principles and the use of contemporary building materials mean we can also introduce passive solar design principles into our homes," Sasso says.

While contemporary residential architecture can be considered to have a cool aesthetic, all Aspect Homes designs place an emphasis on the use of natural materials and a warm colour palette.

"Wherever possible, traditional trades and materials are utilised to achieve the desired outcome," says Sasso. "This helps Aspect Homes create what appears to be expensive design solutions but which all come in under a reasonable budget.

For details, contact Aspect Homes, 97 Cecil Ave, Castle Hill, NSW 2154, phone (02) 9634 3969, fax (02) 9899 3467. Email: sales@aspecthomes.com.au. Or visit the website: www.aspecthomes.com.au.

Story by: Trendsideas

08 Apr, 2009