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Have you considered a feature wall?

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Planning to sell your home? Just want to spruce things up? Consider a feature wall


Whether you’re planning to sell your home and want to jazz things up for potential buyers or you’re just after a change, feature walls are worth considering.

They require less time and effort than a full room renovation, and have the added bonus of making a room far more striking. You’ve likely seen these before: They’re the one wall in a dining room, lounge or living area a different colour or material from the other walls.

Here are a few feature wall considerations.

You want to inject personality into your home

Paintings and ornaments will only get you so far. If you really want to inject your own personality into your home, you’re going to have to go bigger. A feature wall is a statement wall, drawing the eye and also providing a great backdrop for artwork or other furnishings.


If you’ve got a fireplace, a feature wall alongside it is sure to make a statement!

Think beyond paint

Your feature wall doesn’t have to simply be a repainted wall – it can be so much more. Many designers and homeowners are starting to think outside the box, using metals, woods and even recycled materials to create truly striking feature walls. If you’ve got brick, now could be the time to let it shine.

Go for gallery

Don’t want to repaint or remodel? Consider picture frames instead. Frame a number of pictures in subtle frames – you don’t want anything that screams “look at me” – and arrange them on the wall. Use cardboard or paper cut outs for planning purposes.

A word of warning …

Before pulling out a paint can and brush, assess what the wall is likely going to do. If your feature wall will end up drawing attention through a window to an unsightly alleyway or overgrown garden, you may want to think again.

Likewise, it pays to think about colour choice too. While you may love purple and wouldn’t think twice about a purple feature wall, home buyers may not be as enthusiastic.

Feature walls aren’t the only way to give your home a quick makeover, although they’re certainly one of the cheapest. If you’re preparing to sell or want to improve your house, take a good look at current trends and get advice from professionals.

First published date: 28 July 2017