Mirror on the wall – who has the fairest decor of all

Positioning, style, backlit, magnified – bathroom mirrors come in all shapes and forms. Which design is suited to you?

1. Beautiful outlook

The challenge was to fit an ensuite bathroom into a small space. The critical decision was to have the wash hand basin and mirror in front of the villa window which faced the street.

Bathroom designed by Paul Leuschke, Leuschke Kahn Architects

Photography by Jamie Cobel

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2. Taking the long view

So there's symmetry, then there's symmetry that goes on forever – two lined up IdeaGroup Italian backlit mirrors create infinite interest in this well-balanced bathroom.

Bathroom designed by Alan Bertenshaw, Matisse

Photography by Jamie Cobel

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3. Lit up and larger than life

Not only is this bathroom mirror lit to pleasing and practical effect, an inset magnifying mirror has its own halo of light. The function-rich accessory even lets you know the exact time you noticed that annoying spot.

Bathroom designed by Sonja McAuliffe, Archertec Interiors

Photography by Adam McGrath, Hcreations

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4. Room expander

Whoever said size doesn't matter probably didn't use mirrors to expand their bathroom's sense of space – luckily the designer of this bathroom never got that memo.

Bathroom/home designed by Fowler Homes Christchurch

Photography by Liz Pitcorn, Parallax Films

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5. Soft focus

In this bathroom, it's not just the basins that have rounded corners – and not only do the mirrors echo the basins, their vertical orientation allowed for easy placement between two existing narrow windows.

Bathroom designed by Jessica Valintine Design

Photography by Jamie Corbel

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6. Behind closed doors

From another angle, these mirrors reflect this home's verdant outlooks, bringing the outdoors in – but up close and personal they front recessed medicine cabinets.

Bathroom/home designed by Mark Gacesa, Ultraspace

Photography by Scott Shirley

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7. Thrice as nice

Well rounded decor? Bathroom mirrors aren't just a practical face- or body-checking utility, nor just a bringer of space and light – they are also a great decor feature – in this case, times three

Bathroom designed by Julie Cooper, Jalcon Homes

Photography by Jo Smith

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8. Like minded and linear

This linear Xylo bathroom mirror – complete with dimmable light frame – looks like it took its shape and scale from the vanity top below.

Bathroom designed by Carmen Hubber, Hub Design

Photography by Marina Matthews

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27 Nov, 2022

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