This bathroom is a result of astute reorganisation and a good head for heights – materials had to be passed in through a first floor window

Designed by Elliot Johnson, EJ Building

From the designer:

Owners' requests:

  • This was an ensuite for the master bedroom with the wardrobe located inside the bathroom – our homeowners wanted to renovate the bathroom giving it a light clean look and replace the old wardrobe with new in the existing location.

What we achieved:

  • After consultation, the wardrobe in the bathroom was removed and a new built in wardrobe joinery unit was added in the bedroom. The bedroom was quite a large space and this allowed space to be freed up in the bathroom.
  • The shower was relocated to the old wardrobe location, which allowed for a large wall to wall shower – two full width shelves were added (one for shaving legs), with the shelves lining up with tile models – a tile insert channel drain was added.

  • The existing location of the toilet was on the left hand wall when entering the bathroom. The length of the wall was built out 120mm from the window downwards to accommodate toilet waste pipes. The toilet was rotated 90 degrees allowing positioning on the external wall. This was done to avoid having the walls packed out and allowed for the shelf to be removed as it wasn’t required to hide the pipe work.
  • The ceiling was framed to the underside of the rafter allowing for a smooth ceiling finish  and allowing for new downlights to be added. Fairy lights were also added to the ceiling (this was done after photos were taken).
  • The vanity and mirror were centred on the doorway to greet people when they entered the bathroom.

Issues encountered 

  • The biggest issue was that the bathroom was located on the top floor and the old access was an extremely narrow winding staircase. The majority of the materials for the renovation had to be passed up onto the roof and brought in through the bedroom’s exterior doors which were off a small balcony.

Credit list

Cast stone, from Franklin’s Bathroomware
Hansa, from Franklin’s Bathroomware
Tece, from Franklin’s Bathroomware
The Lighting Centre
Underfloor heating
The Heating Co
Franklin’s Bathroomware
Marmorin cast marble, from Franklin’s Bathroomware
Shower stall
Custom built by EJ Building
Flooring and wall tiles
Tiles, from Designa Ceramic Tiles

Designed by: Elliot Johnson, E.J. Building

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Jen Lu

12 Jun, 2022

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