To reduce its visual bulk, the plan for the Binary Wood House is based on coding building blocks of 0's and 1's – but you don't need to be a computer nerd to appreciate the result

Triangular shapes give this canoe base and hangar a dynamic form which changes in appearance depending on where it's viewed from

Conveniently located next to the international and domestic terminals, the brand new 200-room Novotel Christchurch Airport is now open to guests

Artist Jen Stark creates a visually striking mural on a parking building. Watch video of the process

Passengers at the Zaha Hadid-designed Beijing Daxing International Airport are guided intuitively towards the light-filled courtyard at the centre of its radiating form

Three large angled masses of exposed concrete close off the house from the street – but it's a different story on the other side. Take a tour of this sculptured home

The No Footprint House is exactly that – a home with no fixed line between inside and outside. Watch how the house is transformed

With formality no longer flavour of the day, Bates Smart approaches the design of hospitality venues as an art in subtle curation and engagement 

Just 1.48 minutes in this time-lapse video of a complete transformation – from ripping out existing walls to completion of a beautiful brand new master ensuite. Watch what's involved

... if there was – or will be – the winning 3D-printed shelter in NASA's 3D Print Planetary Habitats competition would be a cool place to hang out

Norman Foster – one of the most charismatic architects of our time – gives a glimpse into the early influences that set him on the path to architecture

As soon as you leave Singapore's Changi airport you know you're in a green city. Three of the city state's iconic buildings take the next natural step forward – into biophilic architecture