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Retail Design

The future of bricks-and-mortar shopping lies in creating compelling settings that pull in the customers. We look at projects and products designed to enhance the physical retail experience


Outside in
This mega mall has been dramatically revamped with emphasis given to dramatic external stairs and escalators. As a result, the mall has taken on a second role – it's now something of a tourist attract...
Green new = good news
New Zealand Government announced that any new building developed for government office accommodation is required to be measured for a NABERSNZ rating, with a target rating of four stars. NZGBC chief e...
Driven to new heights
New luxury car dealership showroom for BMW pushes the boundaries of design and the consumer shopping experience


There can be only one ...
Sorry, we just sold the last one. The new Lexus car showroom in Queenstown stands out from the crowd – in fact it only has room to display one car.
Shapeshifters Sliced Porosity Block in Chengdu
Raffles City Chengdu by Steven Holl Architects


Sydney Fish Market to transform Blackwattle Bay
Fish market meets cultural destination – this Sydney Fish Market will be the centrepiece of a harbour-side precinct
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