Sushi to go

Magnetic conveyor systems built into two long counters form the basis of a modern Australian take on the Japanese sushi bar Read more

Crowned jewel

Although first mooted more than 70 years ago, Norman Foster's Hearst Tower is a soaring tribute to 21st-century innovation, with architecture that fully embraces environmental design principles Read more

Spirit of justice

Forget drab bureaucracy with two large light wells and judicious use of glass, Helsinki's new court complex is bright, light and uncluttered Read more

Night and day

A new Christchurch bar, restaurant and nightclub combines retro grandeur with contemporary chic to create an intriguing, welcoming atmosphere at all times Read more

The beat goes on

In the bohemian district where the Beatles were really discovered, an old iron foundry hits a high note in cross-cultural harmony Read more

Open expression

The new Sevenatenine restaurant and bar in the heart of Kuala Lumpur offers fine dining in quirky, informal surroundings design elements capture the eye at every turn Read more

dance nation

Catering to four distinct groups of party-goers under the one roof and staying true to all of them required more than fancy footwork in this nightclub redevelopment Read more

The sky's the limit

Cruising for 12 hours at 35,000ft is set to be a whole lot more comfortable, thanks to the advanced technology and innovative design of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner Read more

In the lifestyle business

The lines between work and home have blurred as companies strive to provide a more personal environment for their staff Read more

Precision control

A new generation air conditioning system designed to service a variety of commercial applications is the Airstage V-series, available from Fujitsu General Read more

Well rounded

Contemporary and individual, The Hub Apartments complex looks different from every aspect and offers an equally diverse range of living options Read more

Model workplace

The design of a vast manufacturing facility built five years ago has proved so successful that Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation chose to repeat the formula for their latest project Read more





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