Tile and wood kitchen with a handworked aesthetic

Textured tiles are matched with crafted wood cabinetry, stainless steel, and black steel accents in this kitchen and it's connected pantry room

The elongated island in this kitchen by BE architecture, countertop, floor, interior design, kitchen, gray
The elongated island in this kitchen by BE Architecture has a working zone and a social zone. The 3.5m long island is designed for casual gatherings at the end easily accessed from the living spaces.

Divide and rule, the saying goes a concept reflected in this multi-room project by architect Andrew Piva and the team at BE Architecture.

"The owner's brief was for a practical kitchen that would retain a tidy look even when in use," Piva says. "In response, we designed a clean-lined, expansive kitchen that looks the part from the adjacent living spaces and added a prep pantry room for the messier aspects of cooking."

In fact, the layout went further than that, creating two separate zones within the greater space, part of an addition to a period home.

"The owner wanted the circulation to respond to her movements separately to those of visitors, so two zones were created to achieve this. One route flows from her parking spot into the mudroom, and past a storage area and the pantry to the kitchen. A more public route leads from the formal entry to the living spaces and kitchen."

Stainless steel, textured white tile and wood joinery architecture, daylighting, floor, house, interior design, wood, black, gray
Stainless steel, textured white tile and wood joinery provide material balance in this pantry and the study annex beyond.

The kitchen and ancillary spaces there's also a small study annexed off the pantry are designed to complement rather than echo the look of the original residence. In fact, there are two looks' within the expansive kitchen and, while quite different, they both reflect attention to design detail and craftsmanship.

"The materials are honest and balanced but not to period," says the architect. "However, the design still needed to suit the age and style and context of the original building hence our emphasis on textural detailing.

"The kitchen and pantry walls are clad in a textured handmade white ceramic subway tile. In the kitchen, the tiling is punctuated with door openings in blackened steel, carrying the home's window detailing into the space. The two-tone effect is reinforced with the custom, slender blackened steel light over the island benchtop. The 3.5m long island operates as two zones one end for working on the other for seating."

The hand-painted beadboard ceiling and light-stained timber floors also add to the sense of a crafted aesthetic.

This kitchen pantry, its adjoining kitchen, and ancillary architecture, cabinetry, floor, flooring, interior design, laminate flooring, wood, wood flooring, gray, brown
This kitchen pantry, its adjoining kitchen, and ancillary spaces such as the mud room straight ahead, were undertaken by the architect of the whole house Andrew Piva.

However, there is more to the demarcation of space in this design. While the business side of the kitchen is a picture of gleaming stainless steel appliances integrated into stainless steel cabinetry, the other side nearest to the living areas is finished in refined wood joinery.

BE Architecture's design subtly delineates connections and separations while evoking the feel of a working kitchen with an artisanal air.

Credit list

House and kitchen architects
Andrew Piva and Jon Boucher, BE Architecture; design director, Broderick Ely
Silver Oak veneer from Amerind; stainless steel from Mckinna Sheetmetal
Grigio Armani from Signorino
Inlight downlights and BE custom-designed pendant lights made by McKinna Sheetmetal
Kitchen sink
Integrated stainless steel made by McKinna Sheetmetal
A Grade Finish Stainless, custom designed by BE Architecture, casing made by McKinna Sheetmetal
Cabinetry maker
Distinct Joinery
Cabinet hardware
Custom integrated wood and stainless steel pulls
Venture Plank Smoked Oak Fendi from Havwoods
Naturalistic white ceramic wall tiles from Academy Tiles
Gessi Oxi-gene from Abey
Fridge, dishwasher
Miele, integrated
Trends International Design Awards (TIDA) Kitchens – Highly Commended

Story by: Charles Moxham

Photography by: Peter Clarke

07 Sep, 2016

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