The concrete and wood home among the pine trees

This multi-level house is constructed out of glass, concrete and wood, and is surrounded by trees
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Architect: Ramón Esteve Estudio de Arquitectura

From the architect: The home in the Pine Forest is located in an extended residential area, between spacious green areas, woodlands and pine trees. The plot itself, which has a significant topographic slope, holds a large area of natural Mediterranean garden with a cluster of pines, in its lowest area. The housing is located at the top, dominating the environment through a counterpoint relationship with the garden.

Using the palette of natural colours, crude tones, browns, greens, the materials are displayed in their natural state, using wood, natural stone and visible concrete.
The concrete is subjected to a process of tinting to acquire the tones of the stone from the environment, trying to mimic its colour and texture with the natural material, accepting the irregularities and water as a part of the integration process.

Each space in the house seeks practicality: The access to the housing, which hangs like a spacious balcony over the environment, holds the common areas and master bedroom.
The ground floor which is within steps from garden has living spaces that have direct access to the outside. The landscape is formed this way to allow immediate connection with the natural world.

Jul 25, 2017
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