Room to move

Space to move around, space to spread out, space where guests can sit and watch or even help this kitchen is large enough to offer it all

The detail of a flip down flap on furniture, product design, wood, black
The detail of a flip down flap on the island that conceals internet and phone jacks

Building a new home provides an opportunity to reassess the way you live. You can then ensure your plans accommodate any changes you want to make to your lifestyle.

When the owners of this home began working on their plans, they knew that entertaining more often was a priority from client functions and work parties, to casual gatherings of friends.

At the back, the house looks onto a courtyard, swimming pool and a large, protected Dutch elm tree. The kitchen is the central focus of the spacious living area, which also contains a dining table and a casual family seating area. A formal lounge opens off the far end of the space.

The view of a kitchen with a lime architecture, countertop, dining room, house, interior design, kitchen, real estate, room, black, orange
The view of a kitchen with a lime green glass splashback

"We wanted a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor entertaining, with easy access to the kitchen," says the owner.

The kitchen, at one end of the open plan area, is on a large scale. A large 4.5m-long island, with the sink and dishwashers, is used for food preparation, and cabinetry on the back wall contains the hob, stove, pantries and storage space.

"The space between the cabinetry and the island is extra-wide so several people can work in the kitchen or pass through without getting in each other's way. The island is also wider than usual, so guests can sit and talk, or help if they want to."

The view of a modern kitchen with an cabinetry, countertop, cuisine classique, interior design, kitchen, room, black
The view of a modern kitchen with an island

Because the house is contemporary, the owners wanted the same look for the kitchen. Stainless steel benchtops are modern and practical and the leather pattern reduces glare from the sun. A shiny strip around the edge of the island gives it a clean, square appearance. Dark-stained timber cabinetry continues the modern theme and adds warmth to the space. Sand white-painted walls and light-toned limestone floor provide a crisp contrast.

The only touch of colour in the kitchen is the back-painted glass splashback, which is painted green to connect with the lime colour of the Dutch elm in the garden.

To keep the lines of the kitchen simple and clean, power points and jacks for the telephone and internet are concealed in pull-down drawers and in flip-down cupboards on the end walls of the island.

Credit list

Kitchen manufacturer
McGregor Cabinet Makers
Window/door hardware
Altherm from Architectural Profiles
Benchtops, sink
Leather-finish stainless steel from SJ Crosbie
Oven, hob, ventilation
Fisher & Paykel
Interior designer
Skinner Design
Tawa veneer
Portuguese limestone from Country Tiles
LG Carder
LG from Harvey Norman

Story by: Trendsideas

23 Aug, 2004

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