Raising the bar

From elaborate to sleek, graceful to bold, magnetic soap holders from Noveletti create personality around your sink or tub

With fresh, new thinking, some everyday household items can be raised to new heights.

Noveletti's series of sculptural magnetic soap holders, which eliminate mess in the bathroom or kitchen by elevating your soap high and dry above the sink, is a good example of this.

"Noveletti soap holders add an extra dimension to kitchen and bath design," says Nanci Greenwald, the company's president.

View of the soap holder

"Crafted from materials as diverse as patina bronze, granite and stainless steel, the holders are essentially sculptures that span a range of styles from elegant to whimsical," she says.

The patented soap holders, which are handcrafted in the United States, suspend the soap above the sink, so it's kept dry and mess-free. A small cap is pressed into any bar of soap, enabling it to be attached to a magnet concealed in the holder. The holders easily adhere to the counter or sink without drilling or screws.

The Noveletti Collection, which has won a Best New Product Award at the Kitchen/Bath Industry Show, is soon to be expanded, with the release of a range of designs for vessel sinks.

View fo the magnetic soap holder

The full Noveletti soap holder collection is distributed through authorized dealers nationwide. For additional information, phone (800) 351 7230. Website: www.noveletti.com.

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26 May, 2006

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