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Designer Mick De Giulio shows how a bathroom can be designed to be open to the adjacent bedroom and even the outdoors, yet still allow for privacy when wanted

For many of us, the basic concept behind a bathroom design is that it should be a private space – somewhere you can close the door to retreat to and relax on your own.

But not all homeowners feel that way, as this suite by designer Mick De Giulio shows.

"A lot depends on what the owners' expectations are, and how comfortable they are with the idea of opening up the bathroom to the bedroom," says De Giulio.

For another, similarly open bathroom project, De Giulio had included a recessed motorised curtain in the ceiling in front of the shower, which could be lowered if privacy was wanted at any time.

But that wasn't something the owners of the bathroom shown here wanted.

Though, as De Giulio points out, someone taking a shower in this bathroom is not completely exposed.

"We do have that floating wall of stone in the shower, that does allow for some privacy."

Expansive windows in the ground floor space mean it's also very open to the garden and, potentially, to neighbouring properties.

"Motorised shades in the bath tub area and bedroom can be lowered at the touch of a button so it all becomes very private from the courtyard when the owners want it to be," says De Giulio.

The one area given complete privacy is the toilet, which is in an enclosed room across from the shower.

In the design, a vanity divides off the bedroom from the bathroom, and beyond that is her dressing area.

There is, in fact, another bathroom and dressing area further in – for him – as well as a laundry.

There’s a cohesive scheme throughout the whole house that is also reflected in the master suite – simple Carrara marble, white painted cabinetry, and a totally white background on the walls. 

Even the same flooring is used throughout the entire home.

"I think there's a feeling of weightlessness in the space," says De Giulio.

"It just feels so clean, and so simple, undecorated and timeless."

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Credit list

Interior design
Yoanna Kulas
Shower fittings
Tara Logic in matte platinum by Dornbracht
Bath fittings
Tara Logic in matte platinum by Dornbracht
Tara Logic in matte platinum by Dornbracht
Chair and ottoman
Michael Abraham Architecture
de Giulio Collection planked cabinetry in white painted finish; honed white Carrara marble top
Lacava Ovale in matte white
Kallista Original by Barbara Barry in Stucco White
Shower enclosure by Bianco Glass Products; honed white Carrara marble

Designed by: Mick De Giulio, de Giulio Kitchen Design

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Belen Aquino

30 Apr, 2023

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