Bold colour and clean lines mean this photographic studio and retail store stands out from the crowd in a busy mall environment

A close up of the silver table with angle, floor, furniture, plumbing fixture, product design, table, tap, yellow, white, orange
A close up of the silver table with a lap top on it, yellow glass wall, white wall, white tiled floor, white leather seat mounted from the wall.

Creating a brand image for a well-respected photographer can be a juggling act. On one hand, the look has to grab attention and translate easily through the signage, the store design and ultimately the product packaging and website. On the other hand, the theme has to frame and not overwhelm the photographer's works.

The brief for Mark Landini was to create an approachable brand and total packaging concept for top-end photographer Mark Morffew, who specialises in both child and family portraiture.

"We wanted to create a brand image that would stand out in a crowded mall and provide distinctive branding for a follow-on chain of similar stores," says Landini. "Most importantly it had to showcase the photographer's work."

View of a showroom, white tiled floor, yellow ceiling, floor, furniture, interior design, product design, table, tap, wall, white
View of a showroom, white tiled floor, yellow glass wall, white walls, white leather seats around the perimetre of the room, 3 large photos on the wall, spot lights mounted fom the ceiling, sky lights, many silver tables with lap tops on them.

A larger than life image by the photographer fills the shop's front window this is changed from time to time to keep the interest of passers-by. The large image, lacquered yellow wall and simple lines constitute the store's striking appearance.

"Clean, simple lines accentuate the airy space," says Landini. " Materials such as vinyl upholstery, stainless steel podium legs and corrian surfaces are well-suited to the high traffic of children and parents visiting the shop. "

The space is divided between two glass-walled studios and a central retail area. First a subject's photo is taken in one of the studios. Back in the retail area, images are viewed, cropped and tried with various virtual frame options. The screen podiums and bench seating are both chic and hard wearing.

Legend plan of the showrrom. angle, area, design, diagram, line, text, white
Legend plan of the showrrom.

The shop counter is a sleek wall cabinet beneath shelves displaying framing options, and storage is tucked away behind the bright yellow feature wall.

"From the retail area, the camera's flash is visible through the frosted glass studio walls," says Landini. "It is a bustling, friendly space that signals an up-market yet approachable brand image."

Credit list

Glass, full height; Bisazza portal frame
2 pack doors in yellow
Taralay UVI-Blanc 6605 in studios
Plaster board; Morphers by Tempa Environ
Custom Banquette
Window & door joinery
Dynamic doors in natural anodised aluminium by Prestige
Wall treatments
Dulux wash and wear, low sheen
Iguzzini track-mounted parallel flood; Cobra floor-mounted spot light; downlights by Concord
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12 Apr, 2006

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