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A sleek contemporary master suite by Jim Laney ASID

View of bathroom with cream flooring, contemporary white apartment, architecture, house, interior design, real estate, room, orange
View of bathroom with cream flooring, contemporary white tub and view out to water.

At the end of a long, hard day being able to close a door and put it all behind you is, for many, the idea of heaven.

Interior designer Jim Laney was tasked with devising a minimal yet comfortable design scheme for this master suite that honored the view and gave the owners a proper feeling of retreat.

"In most instances the response would be to up the level of opulence, but with this property, the contemporary nature of the architecture and the draw of the view called for a restrained hand.

"Rather than use layer upon layer of color and texture to impart a luxurious look, the same level of amenity has been achieved through a warm, understated palette of colors and materials.

"The difference is this is a space in which to spend time, not one to look at like a museum piece."

The house is located in one of the country's premier vacation destinations, so the owners often have friends and family staying.

View of contempoary walk in wardrobe with dark boutique, furniture, interior design, lobby, black
View of contempoary walk in wardrobe with dark wooen cabinetry and shelving.

In response to this, the communal areas of the home are open-plan with one space flowing freely into the next. In contrast, the bedroom suites are contained, offering a high level of privacy.

This is particularly true of the master suite, which is accessed via the library, says Laney.

"At first glance you wouldn't even know that there is anything beyond the library. It is the perfect transition from public space to private, and for the owners establishes a sense of retreat."

With the library fulfilling the role of private sitting room-cum-study, Laney determined how the clients would interact with the remaining spaces, establishing a hierarchy within the suite.

"Given that they would be entertaining guests, the owners are unlikely to while away the hours in their room. Therefore, the focus became making function the key."

With that in mind, the bathroom became a priority.

View of circular mirror feature. architecture, bathroom, ceiling, door, interior design, room, orange, brown
View of circular mirror feature.

"The master bath has the lion's share of space within the suite," says Laney. "The large Ligne Evolution tub with its free-flowing form adds visual softness to the crisp-edged lines of the shower and vanity, echoing the contours of the nearby mountains."

Maintaining connection to the outdoors was also integral to the design. The vanity was positioned in front of the window and rather than wall that off, Laney cantilevered the vanity and mirrors to retain a sense of openness.

"The driving force behind the architecture is the constant dialog between the built and natural environments. The treatment for the vanity unit continues that interaction, it is at once a part of the room and of the greater landscape."

As with the rest of the suite, the color scheme is restrained neutrals augmented by pale accents designed to complement the subtleties of nature's palette throughout the day, and vitalized through a burst of color, with the addition of the custom J Robert Scott chair.

Credit list

Jerry Morgan, Q & D Construction
Boffi Gobi
Wall and shower tiles
Ann Sacks
Tech Lighting
Furniture and accessories
Donghia Eaton bed; custom serpentine banquettes by Raymond Goins (closet); custom drum slipper chair by J Robert Scott; Still Life (1953-54) by Robert Natkin; Still Life (1942) by Lillian Orlowsky
Linge Evolution Ginkgo
Vanity and closet cabinetry
Artefice by Dianda
Tub filler, faucets and rain shower
Gessi Ovale
Floor tiles
Eurostone Bianco Puro
Curved glass doors by Bent Glass Design; rails and fittings by Bartels Doors

Story by: Trendsideas

30 Mar, 2012