This sustainable-minded home negotiates site and height constraints with angular forms that ensure views of Lake Wakatipu from every room

Designed by Aaron Jones, Urbanfunction

From the building designer:

This budget-conscious, carefully considered home focuses on creating a family sanctuary while optimising site and height constraints and offering breath-taking views of Lake Wakatipu.

We were tasked with emphasising a high-level of design detail, specifying low maintenance materials, energy efficient systems and soft accents internally that contrast the gritty nature of the external environment.

Designing to capture view-lines was fundamental, as was natural light, ventilation and minimising energy use.

Interior spaces were required to surprise and be quiet & intimate, with every room offering a preview of the lake and onward to the mountains.

Connecting outdoor space seamlessly with indoor space, providing opportunities for relaxation and entertainment, was another key requirement – alongside respecting the surrounding neighbourhood context while maintaining a unique identity.

The aim was to create a warm and welcoming home that blends with nature, connects to its incredible lake and mountain outlook while providing comfortable and functional living spaces for its occupants.

The compact 140m² footprint maximises space for living, work-from-home needs and catering to international house guests. 

Inserted nooks for reading, music or play create an illusion of spaciousness beyond the home's physical dimensions.

Materials and finishes chosen prioritise durability and low maintenance with charred larch timber cladding, raw concrete block and grey clay brickwork emanating earthy tones.

Internal timberwork is balanced, creating a moody space in the media lounge for relaxation,music or movie nights.

The floor plan is divided with an open plan living space centrally positioned to face the lake.

Upstairs, sleeping spaces are separated for privacy, with the master suite cantilevering out towards the lake, while maintaining privacy from neighbours.

The home sits low on the topography, adhering to height restrictions and blending with the surrounding neighbourhood context. 

Exterior angular ‘pops’ capture views from every room, including the study with vistas of The Remarkables mountain range. 

These angular forms of the building mimic the rugged nature of the surrounding mountain ranges, adding to the home's unique character.

Sustainability is a core focus of the home, with locally sourced timber, super insulated walls, low watt LED lighting and hydronic ceiling panels for energy efficient temperature control all featuring. 

Windows are tinted with high-performance glass to reduce glare, retain heat, and ensure privacy.

This is a modern, sustainable home designed for a young growing family.

Credit list

Interior design
Urbanfunction Architecture
Summit Flooring
Trends International Design Awards (TIDA) Homes – Highly Commended
Basin Builders
Canterbury Clay Bricks; Charred Abode Eco Timber
Window/door joinery
Altus Industrial Aluminium and Lewis Windows Window Systems
Bathroom tiles
Bella Casa Tiling
General heating
Underfloor Slab - Hydronic
Stephen Entwisle, Rightangles Photography

Story by: Trendsideas

07 Jul, 2024

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