New inner city transport hub benefits from advanced roof system

A giant multi-faceted saw tooth roof completes the new Manukau Bus Interchange, with the complex roof geometry easily achieved from a range of Kingspan products

The saw-tooth roof on The Manakau Bus Interchange architecture, building, metropolitan area, black, gray
The saw-tooth roof on The Manakau Bus Interchange reflects a kite flying narrative and was manufactured by commercial roofing experts Kingspan.

Designed by Beca and Cox Architects, the saw- tooth roof over the Manukau Bus Interchange offers a sculptural addition to the skyline. Steve Gray, Beca project architect on the modern transporthub, says several elements helped shaped the roof.

"Discussions with the local Manu Whenua of Nga Matukurua identified a desire for the building form to reflect a tukutuku manu or kite flying narrative arising from the heritage of the area," says Gray.

"And the roof, with its series of repeating soaring kiteform elements, reflects this representation.

"The need to maximise natural light and fresh air in the main concourse was another factor. To this end, the roof has clerestory glazing while the high central zone drives the natural ventilation system."

The Manakau Bus Interchanges saw-tooth roof features roofing roof, sky, gray
The Manakau Bus Interchanges saw-tooth roof features roofing elements that were pre-curved to transition between roof planes.

The hub site has a 1.5m fall in floor level over its 150m length. So Beca also sloped the floor at 1:100 to minimise level changes at entries and bus platforms. This slope is also reflected in the roof form.

The resulting complex roof geometry created a number of challenges from a design and installation prospective. Kingspan provided the product and back-up to help make everything run smoothly.

The 12 roof structures are trapezium-shaped, each with three planes, and KingZip SF, a standing-seam interlocking roof system, was shaped on site in tapered sheets to minimise the number of gutters and maximise water flow efficiency. The sheets were also pre-curved prior to install to transition between roof planes. For this, details of each sheet were fed from 3D modelling software to on-site equipment.

KingZip is manufactured in PVDF-coated aluminium for long term performance. The roof also utilises Kingspan's Safepro2 fall protection system, clamped to the Kingzip SF profile.

A KingZip SF standing-seam interlocking roof system was architecture, daylighting, roof, structure, gray, blue
A KingZip SF standing-seam interlocking roof system was employed at The Manakau Bus Interchange designed by Beca and Cox Architects.

The KingZip SF system offers advanced structural, thermal, acoustic and fire performance for exceptional long-term weatherproofing and durability.

For details on Kingspan products, freephone 0800 121 280, email: info@kingspanpanels.co.nz, or head online: www.kingspanpanels.co.nz

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30 Jan, 2018

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