New Christchurch house on steep hill designed by Archimetrix to maximise sea views

Contemporary new home design with black and white colour palette, Colorsteel roof and cladding, on steep site with views

Designed by Archimetrix, a Christchurch-based consultancy, this new architecture, building, commercial building, corporate headquarters, facade, home, house, property, real estate, shed, sky, teal, gray
Designed by Archimetrix, a Christchurch-based consultancy, this new house is positioned to maximise a spectacular view. Because the owner is retired and required a level access, a driveway sweeps down to a garage beside the front door. The folded roof form that wraps down the front and side of the house was both a distinctive and cost-effective cladding solution. In contrast to the original 50s house on site, the new home provides views from the kitchen-living area and bedrooms.

While the Christchurch city centre rebuild commands plenty of attention, new builds are also starting to transform several residential neighbourhoods, including Mt Pleasant.

This new house, designed by Pete Wynyard of Archimetrix, replaces a 1950s house that was badly damaged in the 2011 earthquake.

Palliside is a low-maintenance cladding solution that never architecture, building, daylighting, facade, home, house, real estate, residential area, roof, siding, sky, window, wood, teal
Palliside is a low-maintenance cladding solution that never needs painting.

"We took the opportunity to improve the views from the site, which were not maximised in the original house," Wynyard says. "Modern architecture lends itself to large areas of glazing and open-plan living spaces that capture the view. But we were mindful that this was a new concept for the owner, who brought up her family in the former house and is now well into retirement. However, she is thoroughly enjoying the change and the 180° views from her bedroom, which were previously limited."

Budget constraints and a desire for light materials also helped to determine the design, but aesthetics weren't compromised. To integrate the form of the house, Wynyard folded the Colorsteel roofing down the walls on two sides. This gives the house a strong architectural presence, made all the more dramatic by the contrasting shades of charcoal and white. The ultimate success of any construction project is dependent on the quality of the build. The contract for the Mt Pleasant house was awarded to Christchurch firm Jim the Builder.Director Jim Stenberg says the project was relatively straightforward, but the steep site and a lack of staging space created a few challenges for the team.The first priority for the company was the construction of a retaining wall, followed by deep piles that are tied back into the hillside, and footings. The house itself is timber framed, with concrete block sections."In terms of the house exterior, there was a considerable amount of detailing that needed to match on-site practicalities," Stenberg says. "For example, we needed to ensure the roof form that wraps down the front of the house was perfectly aligned. And there were lots of different angles for the flashings that required extra attention to provide a weathertight house."The company says the site is a high wind zone, so this was also taken into account in the construction of the house."The result is a very strong, durable home that will be much more earthquake resistant". The location of the Mt Pleasant house, on a steep site close to the sea, meant durability and light weight were critical for the cladding. Palliside weatherboards were specified by Archimetrix to best suit these conditions while simultaneously providing a low-maintenance, cost-effective solution. This helped to ensure the build could be accommodated within the budget constraints of the insurance company. Palliside is a pre-finished weatherboard system that never needs painting. It will keep its good looks with a wash-down once a year. The cladding is BRANZ appraised to ensure it will stand the test of time. It also provides a highly sustainable solution Palliside is made from 100% recyclable material, and further eco

This new Christchurch house features Palliside low-maintenance weatherboards cottage, elevation, estate, facade, home, house, property, real estate, residential area, siding, sky, villa, window, blue
This new Christchurch house features Palliside low-maintenance weatherboards in White. The profiles of the weatherboards are similar to the traditional timber cladding of the original home they have matching shadowlines. The system works well with all architectural styles, from contemporary designs through to more traditional homes.

savings are made because it doesn't need

ongoing paint applications. To enhance the aesthetic of this home, the architect opted for Palliside timber facings and sills around the windows and doors. These are also a visual link back to the original house.

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09 Dec, 2014

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